Gloria Jean’s and Grapefruits

In three weeks’ time I will be off for my annual leave. Off to nowhere, by the looks of things. A one month break from work booked in last year in the hopes that by this time, COVID will be over and people can finally start traveling again.

But, nope.

I mean, I can’t even travel 5kms from where I live! Or is it 10kms now? Not sure anymore what the latest lockdown updates are. Until the restrictions are significantly eased and Kmart is open, I’ll be here scrolling through Netflix looking for the next best show to binge on after Schitt’s Creek.

I am this close to re-watching Gilmore Girls. Team Jess here. Because I’m a sucker for bad boys who read books.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I blogged. Been a while since I posted anything on social media, actually. I’m still alive, if that makes any difference.

Last time I “traveled” was in a car with Jeff to drop off some footage at Brighton or whatever that suburb was halfway to the city. Stopped at Gloria Jean’s for some iced coffee with a lot of whipped cream on top, the way the fat kid in me likes it.

Had a good chat with my old man during the car ride, too, so yeah, if anything, I guess you could call it a date. A unicorn one, at that. With an actual unicorn, to boot!

Came home with a bunch of grapefruits I took from a box on someone’s nature strip marked ‘FREE FOR THE TAKING.’ I thought they were pomelos. I was stoked. I thought wrong. Turned out they really were grapefruits.

I don’t like grapefruits.

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