Kitty Face

“Your daughter loves you so much, you have no idea.”

Jeff says that all the time, especially when Raven hugs me and he sees the expression on her face as she does.

As the beneficiary of her hug, I don’t see it. But I feel her tremendous love and every time, I am grateful to the universe for giving me this beautiful spirit to guide on her journey. It’s a huge responsibility and one I take seriously. More than education, more than the little luxuries I can afford for her, my ultimate hope is for her to stay true to her spiritual path so that by the end of my lifetime, I can proudly say I did a good job raising her. My method may not be perfect (far from it, to be honest) and she might make bad decisions along the way but hopefully the fire I kindled in her heart would burn bright and strong, lighting her path in times of darkness towards her highest good.

“Mama, I love you so much. I don’t wanna lose you ever!”

But she will. And that’s the reason why I try to get motherhood right even if a lot of times I’m so uncertain myself.

*Raven at 5 years old

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