Three of Cups

The morning might be cold and dreary gray but my heart is warm and fluffy pink.

Watching Raven in her cute little outfit of skater skirt and sparkly tights, I couldn’t help but feel so blessed and so grateful to have a wonderful daughter. We didn’t even fight over the sartorial choice today. She was happy for me to pick the rest of her outfit while she decided on which tights and undies to wear to school. It was a very smooth process, for a change. Other times, we butt heads because, well, that’s what happens when you have a kid who’s so much like you. You can’t exactly hate them for it because it would bounce back right at you.

She initially didn’t wanna go to school today but changed her mind at the prospect of one of her bestfriends being there. The other night was a totally different story:

“Mama, I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I go to school over and over and over again!”


She’s in bloody kinder, y’all!

The helpless exasperation in her voice was duly noted but I didn’t have the heart to tell her she still has 12 years of the same shit ahead of her. And that’s excluding higher education in the picture. So I didn’t say anything. She’ll find out eventually for herself. No point pre-empting the inevitable when that inevitable starts next year. She’s lucky we took out her Wednesdays so she’s got that day off. Otherwise, that’s life, kid. Suck it up, sunshine!

But look at how cute she is!!!

And because my card today couldn’t be any more spot-on, the postie hand-delivered me Gayle’s letter after I finished taking a photo of Jeff and Raven.


I was so hyped up just looking at them beautiful stamps with my address scrawled with the handwriting I know so well, having familiarized its endearing strokes from the countless letters she used to give me way back in college when texting on our Nokia 3310s was Php1.00 per message. With our limited allowance, that shit was expensive!

And so we ended up writing notes and letters to each other instead.

Gosh, the sheer joy and nostalgia of receiving handwritten letters. Makes me feel so old and yet my bones feel so alive!

Indeed, the Three of Cups is all about celebrating life and the blessings the universe gives, big and small.

May your morning be as low-key wonderful as mine as I sign off for now to hog the heater because I am fucking freezing as we speak and my trusty oodie is taking ages to dry.


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