Happy (Very Belated) Nurses Day

Sometimes I wonder why I ended up a nurse instead of a nun.

Or a miniskirt-wearing lawyer a la Ally McBeal.

I studied Accountancy in the hopes of following my dad’s footsteps but after two years, the debits and the credits somehow failed to add up.

I had no place for a 10-column worksheet in my heart, or in my life for that matter.

So I decided to cut my losses and move on. Take a gap year and travel Europe like rich kids do.

Except that I wasn’t a rich kid so feeding pigeons in St. Mark’s Square was obviously out of the question.

So was being a bum.

So I took up nursing instead.

Hopped on the bandwagon.

Maybe figure out my career path while I was at it.

Jump out when I finally do.

Next thing I knew I was in my graduation robe walking up the stage to receive my diploma.


Because for some reason, I also ended up with a Master’s Degree, as well.

Life can be so weird sometimes but, here we are.

And I’m loving it.

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