School Run

Jeff and I sat in my car at the car park, waiting for me to clock in for work. Outside, cars weaved in and out of the roundabout. Parents were doing the school runs, kids in tow on the footpath with their backpacks full of pens and notebooks — both adults and young ones eager to finally get the whole educational system rolling after what seemed like ages of Melbourne in lockdown.

Not that we’re still not. In lockdown, I mean. Because we still are — since the 16th of March, thank you very much — and to be honest with you, I’m so over it. I just wanna go back to the way things were pre-COVID — with me staying at home because I want to. Not because I have to. I just like the concept of having my options open even though chances are, I would voluntarily and happily keep my social distance either way.

So I drove Raven to her school yesterday. Something I rarely get to do as it’s usually Jeff who does it. Walked her into her building in my Islander flip flops (or thongs, as Aussies call them around here) because I prefer to drive barefoot. Gives me a better grip and feel of my clutch when I’m shifting gears. My work shoes stay in the car.

It was such a beautiful day, too. A chilly morning, but the sun was out early with the promise of blue skies and warm yellows.

Meow, she purred when I woke her up 15 minutes early. Her way of saying good morning to me. “Baby Cat is cold. I need a hug hug.”

Warms my heart every time.

*Raven at 4 years old

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