The Big Wide World of Autumn Place

autumn place, doveton

Charcoal chicken at the park.

Feeding the birds leftover chips.

A happy kid swinging.

autumn place, doveton

“Do you want this loaf of bread?” A stranger comes up to me while I’m reading my book. “We got extra.”

“Um, sure,” I accepted.

As thankful as I am for his generosity, I couldn’t help but wonder, do i look homeless?


*Raven at 3 years old

4 thoughts on “The Big Wide World of Autumn Place

  1. Wouldn’t want to eat that bread unless i am safe at home. Could be drugged or whatever.. just me being paranoid… i look homeless sometimes too while pushing the stroller and covering my kid with blue ikea bag because it suddenly rained.. hahaha…

    1. hahaha. funny you said that. the suburb has ‘that’ kind of reputation, if you know what i mean. i’m not into white bread so jeff ate it. wala raman sad sha nireklamo. basin na high na to ang boang. lol.

      1. Ja, people are the same here. Rather than throwing good food away. But since i read that news about a doctor in england who has drugged hundreds of people and record his fetish while they are sleeping, barog akong bolbol kadiyot.. hahaha..

        1. gawd, all the similar stories i have read, as well. even dentists who drugged and raped their patients. how fucked up is that?!

          probably just as fucked up as going under the knife and never waking up, i suppose.

          but, yeah, it’s a crazy world out there. our paranoia is well justified.

          cheers to our mental health! lol.

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