Wednesday off

With everything that’s going on in our families, I really wanna start documenting our lives more now. Not just the major stuff because those are few and far between in the first place. It’s the mundane ones that make up most of our days. And those are the ones that, when strung together at the end of our lives, Raven would probably remember most.

So today Jeff and I took Raven to her gymnastics class. It’s 29 degrees out so the day was nice and sunny. I did one load of laundry because I’m now at that stage where I get excited at the thought of my washing hanging on the line bone dry.


For the record, I am slowly getting comfortable with selfies now. I know I’m a bit late in the game but, whatever. I figured it’s a good way of preserving moments in a well-curated fashion because of course I want my future generations to see me in the best light! I’m all about authenticity.

Look at my baby sitting in the backseat, totally oblivious to her mom’s vanity. She tells me she wants to put makeup on her face now. I told her I’ll teach her all I know when she’s 16. Because before that, no. Not under my watch. And if I ever catch her sneaking around to do it, I would personally take her eyebrows back in time to the year 2000 with No Doubt’s Don’t Speak playing in the background of her wailing.

I kid. I don’t know yet how I would honestly react but two days ago, she totally bit my nose which left teeth marks right in the middle of my nonexistent bridge. I’m talking top and bottom indentations. IT F%CKING HURT! If I hadn’t controlled myself, I swear I would’ve hit her out of instinctual retaliation. I didn’t, thank goodness. But I was sooo mad I had to put us both in timeout. She cried as I silently fumed.

“Are you ready to talk to mama or you just wanna cry lang sa?” I asked, drawing her close to me in a hug. I was eager to give her a piece of my mind. In an age-appropriate and gentle way, of course.

“I wanna cry lang,” she said before showing me a fresh wave of tears and sobbing. With proper coaching, I think she’d make a very good actress.

So I let her be. I gave her all the time she needed to sort herself out, hugging her the entire time to still make her feel loved and whatever it is that child psychologists advise so your kids don’t grow up to be psychopaths.

I waited. I was trying to be very patient as I constructed the lecture she was gonna get as soon as she was ready for it.

But, nope. She fell asleep. Slept straight through the night and into the morning but I had to leave early for work so…

I told my parents the story on the night that it happened and the next day my dad messaged me, “Jan, musta na Raven? Miga na mo?” (How’s Raven? Are you friends yet?”) He’s funny. That scenario probably brought back memories of him getting caught in the crossfire of my battles with my mom when I was younger.


Raven’s been going to gymnastics for almost two years now and I reckon it has helped her a lot. Not so much with her exotropia, but with general bodily coordination somewhat. She doesn’t fully follow the routines or instructions yet but she can do flips so my money’s not totally wasted.

And besides, I’m paying for two kids so I guess I’m getting a good deal.

And then there’s me… very athletic and sh*t. I do enjoy jumping on the trampoline, though, but as soon as I go up higher and higher, my bladder’s suddenly like, nah, before she bursts out giggling.

Such a killjoy.


Lunch was at Springvale today. Something different from Jeff and Raven’s Wednesday routine. We used to go to this Cambodian restaurant all the time but I don’t think I wanna go back there again. The menu is the same but the food somehow tastes different although Jeff disagrees.

The taro cake and durian coconut cake taste exactly the same as when I used to work in the area so life is still consistent in that regard.

I thought about getting that blended taro drink with pearls at Healthy Cup but decided not to at the last minute. Since refusing Jeff’s offer of Hungry Jack’s cheeseburger last night, I realized that there’s power in saying ‘No.’ It actually feels good and liberating, in a sense. But the pacifist that I am, I still went for the chips because you don’t know Jeff. That guy can sell ice to eskimos.

Whatever money I saved on Healthy Cup, I spent on Gloria Jeans instead. Drove through for iced coffee with whipped cream on top. And on a hot day, YUM! I was forced to share it with Jeff, of course, because that’s marriage for you. Sure, there was more ice than coffee when I finally handed the drink to him and he sort of complained about it but, seriously?!

I love him, though. Because when he’s not driving me insane, he drives me around. Like he drove me to my favorite Salvation Army thrift shop in Doveton to drop off some donations. And then waiting for me in the car while I went inside for a bit because why not, I was there already.

Came out with a pair of shoes, 1 bracelet, 2 skirts, 3 books, and $11 poorer.

*raven at 3 years old

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