a toilet training tale

to be honest, i have no idea how to really go about it. like, scientifically. as it is, i’m pretty much flying blind and hoping for the best out of the madness of my method. which involves nothing much but making her wear her ‘big girl undies’ the whole day and getting her to sit on her potty for about 30 minutes sometime in the morning and wait for whatever’s coming, if it comes at all.

potty trainingpotty training

this morning we were in the bathroom for almost an hour. she insisted on wearing her sunnies and taking her helmet with her as if she’s going on a scooter ride to the skate park. i let her.

while she happily painted the time away, i sat there across from her reading oprah winfrey’s “what i know for sure,” which definitely makes for a good light reading when you don’t mind the interruptions every now and then. and believe me, i get interrupted a lot when we’re there.

30 minutes turns to 45 and i’m getting a bit antsy. so i go out and make her a cup of milo and some coffee for me. i come back to find her wearing her helmet.

potty training

i continue to read my book while enjoying my watered-down coffee, amused by the irony of the title in relation to the task in front of me: what i know for sure is that this whole potty training business is going to take a looong time and a whole lot of patience.

but we’ll get there, slowly but surely.

potty training

*raven at 2 years & 5 months old

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