my crew

i have been technically single for seven days now and i gotta say it does have its perks. lately, i have been reliving those glorious days back when i was young and carefree and didn’t have to worry about what time i was coming home as there was no one i needed to cook dinner for. i linger even longer at the shops now with the peace of mind that 5,460 km away, somebody’s changing my baby’s nappy. the house is finally clean.

but i’m starting to kind of miss the mess because it’s an indicator that an adorable cheeky toddler is playing close by, whom i miss so much. the dirty clothes thrown on the floor riiiight next to the hamper that they’re basically begging it to please take them onboard as they’re drowning in my exasperation i don’t miss. but the dude responsible for it i kind of do.

did i say kind of? hahahaha.

of course i miss jeff! i missed him all those times after he left and my car won’t start and i had to keep jump starting it. but then again, by the second day i was already a pro at doing it i even fantasized about opening a mobile jump starting service where i’d be this little filo chick rocking up all over the southeastern suburbs (my proposed target location) saving old damsels in distress (my target market). because being a lady in a man’s world is hard. more so as you get older. we women gotta stick together — one jump start at a time.

and what do you know, i just spontaneously created my advertising slogan! i think it’s a sign.

during the week, jeff’s parents had their guy drop by to change my car’s battery, which he did in less than the time and effort it takes for me to do my eyebrows. i gotta say, turning the key and hearing the engine purr to life? ahhh… music to my ears!

fingers crossed i haven’t run into any mechanical trouble since so, um, yeah, i guess i still do kind of miss that bloke. sometimes.

pardon the stammer.

all jokes aside even though i wasn’t exactly joking, i miss jeff and raven and i do enjoy looking after them. they’re my crew and i love them both to bits. we go places together in a shitty old car sharing sips of cheap coles express coffee that’s a bit watered down but still tastes like coffee for all we care because you can’t really get all your hopes up on a $1 cup and that’s like life, you know? you appreciate what’s in front of you. and as i’m usually sitting in the backseat with raven, it’s jeff driving in front of me. (insert $1 coffee analogy.)

times like this, i am so glad jeff doesn’t read my blog.

edithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beach

and yes, these are our ordinary, run-of-the-mill family photos. i have to admit they’re a bit fancier than your average point-and-shoot but that’s because jeff’s a photographer. while you guys go to the beach and chuck a small camera, or even just your phone, in your oversized beach bag together with your winter coat because hell knows how cold melbourne’s beaches can get, to capture beautiful memories of your day out in the freezing sun, jeff mulls over which camera to bring and remind me to bring the small flash with the sturdy tripod because the beach is gonna be windy…

edithvale beach

so this is pretty much what it’s like when we’re out there “capturing precious moments.” and mind you, this one was very low-key. wait till you see when he brings out the big guns. then you can say our photoshoots are totally lit.

edithvale beach

*raven at 1 year & 7 months old

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