my ride or die

until we can afford a BMW, i guess this will have to be our ride when — and if — we ever decide to retire in the philippines.

talisay, cebu, philippinestalisay, cebu, philippines

good ol’ trisikad. with an on-call driver, to boot!

talk about livin’ it up!

and when we get bored squatting in my parents’ house, we’d hit the beach which is only like, 5 minutes away because although our house is not exactly beachfront, it’s that kind of ‘burb, you know what i mean?

maybe a little like st. kilda, but with a mornington peninsula vibe. think fancy gourmet food and posh shops. clear blue waters and powdery white sand that digs into your feet.

talisay, cebu, philippines

posh shop

talisay, cebu, philippinestalisay, cebu, philippines

fancy food

talisay, cebu, philippines

clear blue waters and powdery white sand

yep, chances are, this is probably what’s awaiting us and i’m stoked!

either that, or i’m just drunk.

anyway, allow me to share this video of jeff eating taho. this was aaages ago!!! time flies! especially when you’ve been pretty slack on writing that the backlogs seem to be popping out of nowhere.

and, yes, jeff normally talks like that because, yes, he can be quite bossy to a point of sounding rude. a bit rough around the edges but actually buttery soft inside.

like medium raw steak. bleeds out just a bit with every slice.

he’s alright. as they say around here and depending on how it’s being said, he’s a sick cunt. and i mean that in a good way. except when i don’t. lol. but i love him, though.

like that trisikad, he’s my ride or die.

*raven at 1 year and 3 months old

2 thoughts on “my ride or die

  1. So lucky you get to live close to the beach back home! Those posh shops always sell the most delicious food. In Malaysia when we see a shop like that we’s guess there’s ice-cream 😁

    1. posh shops aka street food is always the best way to experience the culture without breaking the bank, i reckon. most of the food i miss back home are not exactly those that are found in restaurants. not exactly the healthiest or the cleanest either. lol.

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