of sand and sisters

before i had raven, they were my babies. they still are. they always will be.

aeva was around 2 years old when she flew to cebu for her very first visit. i was working as an ESL teacher then and i remember sitting in my tiny cubicle thinking about her and what she was probably doing at that moment and then feeling so excited to go home so i could see her already. even if it was just to watch her breathing in her sleep because by the time i got home, it was usually around 11pm.

that was my first stint at motherhood. adie came along and then suddenly there was two of them to dote on.

and now, raven. my very own raven.

edithvale beachedithvale beach

it was really nice to see them all together the last time they were here. raven might have been a bit too young to fully interact with her older cousins but aeva and adie were kind enough to accommodate her at times. aeva, most especially. she was really good with playing with raven and trying to entertain her the best way she knew how — peek-a-boos, rattles, and funny faces. i reckon raven developed so much in that one month that the girls were here and the house was a flurry of activity and people.

edithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beach

it’s funny how i see myself and my sisters in the them. aeva, being the eldest, is responsible and mature and looks after the little ones. exactly what may-ann was like to us. even now.

i see myself in adie. a bit of a loner and likes to quietly play by herself.

and then there’s raven. the baby in the bunch. kind of like el2. fun-loving.

completely off-topic: a moth just landed on my screen.

so, yeah, it’s weird how some personalities seem to get recycled over into the next generation. could be a genetic thing or a birth order thing but at any rate, it’s quite an interesting theory.

anyhow, sharing with you more photos of that day we took the girls for a shoot at edithvale beach which seems to be our go-to location for beach shoots. these were taken the day before new year’s last year. 2016. which means i still have a loooong way to go with my backlogs.

edithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beachedithvale beach

*raven at 8 months old

8 thoughts on “of sand and sisters

  1. Lol, what is ‘ kind of like el2’. El2??? Probably how and when we are born does affect our personality, and personality could be embedded in our genes after all – and something we can’t help, just a natural part of us. That looked like such a great day with great warm weather at Edithvale beach. Never been to that one. I think Seaford beach is in that area – that one I went to before, but wasn’t entirely impressed. Crowded and the water didn’t look too clean. Maybe it was my imagination, haha ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. never been to seaford but now that you mentioned it, i think i’ll just stick with edithvale. hehehe.

      el2 is my younger sister’s nickname. in the philippines, we like giving people monosyllabic nicknames that we say twice. like, janjan (mine), ann-ann, mimi, ri-ri, jok-jok, etc. my sister’s is el-el. i usually just type el2. it’s a weird filo thing we do when naming people. do you guys have that too?

      1. Lol, we also have some similar kind of naming convention in my Chinese family. But because my family tend to see me Westernised ( ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) they don’t call me that way, instead calling me by my English name, lol.

        Summer is here! More beach time ๐Ÿ˜€

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