a stint at motherhood


so this is what motherhood feels like. and she’s not even my daughter! but now i know how it is to be worried if she’s already up or if she’s already eaten. it’s crazy, the need to drive back home as soon as work ends just so i could catch her awake. more often than not, i just settle for the simple pleasure of watching her breathe in her sleep, wondering what dreams she’s dreaming through closed eyes and long, thick lashes.

barely five hours later, she disturbs my much needed slumber. a disturbance i gladly welcome in exchange for a hug and a soft whisper of “wape up, dandan!”

because i’ll miss all this someday.

so i bear with the grogginess as i kiss my 10-hour sleep routine goodbye, explaining to ram that the reason why i’m feeling kind of sluggish lately is because i’m breastfeeding. lol.

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