wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world

warm showers. those wonderful moments of quiet introspection with the steady sound and flow of water gliding down from you hair, all the way to your soul.

with all the thoughts circling around my head like vultures patiently waiting for their prey, i think about whatever it is i think about at any given moment. deep stuff. you know, like, how i managed to survive 32 years without eyebrow makeup or if my big toenails would ever heal properly, granted that there is something wrong with them that’s disrupting their growth process.

sometimes the questions come with the impact of an external defibrillator, shocking me in the process.

if i could start all over again, without raven, would i do it?

truthfully, as delicious and long as my beauty sleeps in the past were pre-baby, i wouldn’t trade my life now for anything else in the world. as crazy and as hectic as things can be, she makes everything so worth it.

i’m lucky to be in the position of being the #1 person in her life, depending on what her needs are because jeff comes in at a very close second that the moment she decides she wants a playmate instead of boobies, boom! i’m out.

yep, just like that.

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*raven at 8 months old

11 thoughts on “wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world

  1. If I had a baby now, I would definitely do the same thing. I know because even the thought of adopting kids strikes me each time I see street children and if not for the fact that I can’t manage to support as I barely support myself, I guess I would have one already. 😁 Anyway, your baby is cute at ang ganda niyo po! Also, you guys look like a really happy family. I hope someday, I’ll get to have such. 😊

    1. i don’t know how old you are but you seem quite young so you still have your whole life ahead of you. πŸ™‚ trust me, i was in the same boat then. kids and marriage was probably the last thing on my mind as i wanted to “establish myself first.” guess what, life gave me a husband and a kid before i even got to that point where i felt i was “established” already so i guess all i’m saying is, when it’s your time, it’s your time. you know what i mean? it took me a while to be more flexible with the changes that life throws at you but in the end, as corny as this sounds, trust in the universe’s timing. πŸ™‚

      omg, i sound so old the way i dispense all these so-called wisdom! eww… hahaha.

      take care, erma! i look forward to reading your next post. see you around wordpress! πŸ™‚

      1. I totally understand that. I hear it often, but sometimes I think it’s not bad to have a baby and grow with them at the same time. I actually desire that by the time I reach 40, my baby will have been at least 15 yrs old. But I’m not sure if it’s going to happen since I won’t have baby unless I’m almost “established” which I still won’t probably be in 2 yrs, so I guess I’m just gonna trust in the universe timing as you said and I’m only 23. 😊 Thank you for the wisdom, though. 😊

        1. oh, you will grow with them, alright. you can be 23 or 32, but somehow they make you an even better person. you realize you have all these qualities in you that you need to change or improve for their sake. sometimes you don’t even notice those gradual changes at all. i’m talking more about emotional growth because i reckon they are the biggest and most challenging i have to face as a mom. and as a wife, too.

          so, yeah, just keep doing what you need to do and make sure to enjoy your life, and your youth, in the process. those things you can never get back. πŸ™‚

          1. Yes, I definitely will. At the right time, I’ll have a baby and a family I can call my own, but for now, I’m just gonna enjoy and prepare myself for when that time comes. ☺

    1. i don’t know. buhi paman intawon sila pero weird lang lagi tan-awon na naay horizontal na line chuva. just waiting for it to grow properly. pero dugay man kaayo oi. murag mas una pa guro ko mamatay aning kalakiha. hahahaha.

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