FED in french festival: victoria’s first french food market you wouldn’t wanna miss out on (and it’s free!)

hey, remember that time jeff and i went to this french festival and i told you about how yummy the food servers, i mean, the food was and how jeff and i went crazy with the duck sausage in a baguette with beetroot and orange relish?

you don’t?


well, allow me to refresh your memory:

french festival

yummy, huh?

whatever it is you’re looking at.

anyhow, long story short, Laura Rancie, the creator of Paris to Provence Melbourne French Festival has curated a French Foodies Market, FED in French,” at Fed Square from March 31 to April 2, 2017 and it can only mean one thing:


fed in frenchfed in french

think croissants, crepes, macaroons, raclette, terrines, baguettes, escargots, madeleines, charcuterie, and all the other french food you can barely pronounce but love with all your heart because you’re convinced that in your past life, you were a gorgeous parisian who can purr the language of love with sexuality and ease.

on the bright side, at least you didn’t reincarnate into a cockroach so whoever and whatever you are now, consider yourself quite lucky. because, you know, apart from being a human being, you could’ve been anything.

so, yeah, it’s actually victoria’s first french food market made more picturesque as it would be by the banks of the yarra river. it couldn’t have been any more perfect.  you can sit there eating cheese or munching on a baguette, pretending you’re looking over the river seine. which i would most probably be doing because the closest to france i’ve been to is in the movies.

and best of all? it’s a FREE event so no need to cough up $20 or so entrance fee and instead, use that money where it matters most — the food!

or the wine, whatever rocks your boat.

fed in french, melbourne

5 thoughts on “FED in french festival: victoria’s first french food market you wouldn’t wanna miss out on (and it’s free!)

    1. i know, right?! i could buy more food with the $20 entrance fee. but they did have activities at the event though so maybe that’s where the money goes?

      i’m not sure if “fed in french” is going to be an annual event but who knows? considering the turn out, maybe it will. 🙂

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