melbourne city with the family

here i am trying to remember details of that day in late december but nothing registers.

the one thing that keeps playing in my mind is how socially awkward i am and how i end up saying all these things which, when replayed, sound so stupid i deserve an award.

take for example yesterday when i very unexpectedly bumped into my boss at the mall and the first thing i said, which seems to come automatically as it’s pretty much a standard greeting around here is, “how are you?”

which would’ve been perfectly acceptable if not for the fact that WE WERE TOGETHER AT WORK THE WHOLE MORNING which was like, 5 hours prior!

i wanted to die right on the spot but she knows CPR as we have such a training annually so a heart attack was out of the question since she would probably just revive me anyway and that would only make things doubly awkward. and so i redeemed myself with the carefully filtered words that came out of mouth next but mentally i was pretty much already bashing myself unconscious.

i’m such a dork.

so now that i got that confession out of the way, allow me to segue into that december day i was talking about. the one where i went to the city with my family. i can’t believe that was 2 month ago! i still have heaps of backlogs from their trip here but the procrastinator in me is taking her sweet time crocheting and lusting after yarns when she’s not stalking crochet blogs looking for free patterns for her next project.

plus the baby. let’s not forget the baby. where the biggest chunk of my time goes. a privilege i’m always grateful for.

geez. it’s amazing how i can be such a chatterbox when the medium of communication is the written word but talk to me face-to-face and you’d wanna get an interpreter. a sign language interpreter.

but i’m an awesome listener, though. you can tell me your secrets because chances are, i’d forget them anyway. i have a memory of a goldfish.

st. francis church, melbournemelbournemelbournemelbourne

had a bit of a snack at max brenner chocolate bar at QV square. it was alright. i’m not much into sweets because i get overly paranoid with my blood sugar levels since getting fcking gestational diabetes but i do have my favorites. in general, the darker the chocolate, the better.

max brenner chocolate bar, melbournemax brenner chocolate bar, melbournemax brenner chocolate bar, melbournemax brenner chocolate bar, melbournemax brenner chocolate bar, melbournemax brenner chocolate bar, melbourne

and, yep, when presented with chocolate options, that’s my default face right there. (no, not the smiling one.) i wanted to try at least one though but i just could not decide. i probably circled their glass display 5 times and nothing appealed to me. maybe because seeing them all in one place was overwhelming. but i heard my cousin ruth loves max brenner. if i go with her next time, who knows her enthusiasm might convert me?

flinders street station, melbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbourne

*raven at 8 months old

9 thoughts on “melbourne city with the family

  1. Hahaha. I am like you. When I am presented to so many chocolate options or sweet treat options, though I want one, I’d be put off by the choices – too many to choose from! Might as well go somewhere else and save my money, hehe… I once had a orange tinged hot chocolate at that exact Max Brenner. It was delicious, but also very, very rich. Chocolate drinks like these can be meals in themselves for me ๐Ÿ˜€

    Generally I am more of a savoury person but a chocolate treat is a chocolate treat ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. the thing with chocolates is that they fck up my throat, for some reason. tim tams are the worst offenders. i don’t think i’m having any again. a couple of pieces one day and the next day my throat would be scratchy like i’m about to get the flu but i don’t so i figure it must’ve been the chocolates.

      but it never happens with ferrero rochers or dark chocolates though, for some reason. my tonsils have more expensive taste than i can afford! lol.

      have you tried those egg tarts sold in that little shop sort of across from max brenner? they’re actually very good! now, those ones i can tolerate any time, any day! =)

      1. Doesn’t sound like all chocolates like you. If that is so, then a lot of chocolate cake will be out of the question for you too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        Really, what egg tarts? Recently there was Hokkaido egg tart in Melbourne Central. I tried one and I thought, meh.

        1. yeah, i think that’s the one! or is it? i’m not sure but i think it is. if it is, i still like their egg tart because it’s bland.

          you read that right. i like it because it’s bland. i know, i’m weird like that. lol.

          i’m not really into chocolate cakes much. i mean, i don’t mind them but i can’t tolerate too much of it. a tiny little piece and i’m good. =)

  2. Beautiful family โค and I cant believe your daughter is already so big! seems like you moved out of Cebu yesterday (or is it me getting that old already ๐Ÿ˜จ )

    1. we’re all getting old, but you’re aging beautifully! =)

      and, yeah, she’s growing up too fast! you probably feel the same with your own kiddos. they’re gorgeous!

      1. Oh yes! Couldn’t believe my eyes when the super cute little neighbour came down last month with a red rose for her favorite classmate .. Ms Attila! He totally melt my heart when he told her , all shy” Sorry for being late. Happy Valentines”. Waou … Already …
        Wait and see ๐Ÿ˜‰
        (and thanks for the compliment XXX!)

        1. awww… that is so cute!!! i wonder if that was a signal for your husband to keep his eyes glued on his daughter. lol. my baby can barely walk yet but even at her age now, jeff’s already talking about going with her to all the parties she goes to in the future so he can keep an eye on her. lol. he cracks me up.

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