freezing my ass at st. kilda pier

small talks are not my thing. i like deep, honest-to-goodness, tell-me-about-your-grandest-dreams-and-terrible-fears-and-i’ll-psychoanalyze-you-like-a-motha’ kind of conversations.

back and forth remarks about the weather is awkward for me, as it’s not exactly a good springboard for an interesting discussion unless a horrible calamity happened because the sun was too sunny that it caused an entire lake to dry up. you know, that sort of thing. but even then, i’d probably still find it difficult to converse because i’d probably be furiously translating my thoughts to english and mentally correcting my grammar as i go; face-palming myself over several errors here and there.

but i have to admit weather is a very safe topic. you can never go wrong when it comes to weather. unless it’s melbourne. because, then, all bets are off.

so instead of telling you about the significance of st. kilda in my life (long story short, it was where jeff and i first met; and also where he made me trespass so we could check out the penguins at midnight), i will tell you what the weather’s been like lately:

it’s hot.

and i like it.

and considering that it’s technically autumn already, i’m savoring each and every warm day as i am emotionally unprepared to bid summer goodbye.

so when jeff wants to go to st. kilda beach, i’m in. even if i sluggishly get out of bed to get my eyebrows ready.

st. kildast. kildast. kilda

when we left the house, it was pretty hot. you know, warm enough to make your armpits sweaty. but then i forgot that the beach can be a beach, if you know what i mean. ‘coz the moment i sat on my usual spot at the boardwalk, i was piloerecting like crazy. goosebumps galore!

and because i can be a fcking masochist, i even asked met-met to come walk with me to the pier so we can see the penguins at the breakwater. something i regretted big time. by then, the sun was setting and the temperature had dropped drastically. and it didn’t help that the strong, cold winds were slapping me left, right, and center.

you won’t see my teeth chattering in these pictures. let’s just say i kept my cool.

st. kildast. kildast. kildast. kildast. kildast. kilda

but, seriously, who was i kidding?

on the way back, i freakin’ jogged my way out of the pier to escape the cold! didn’t even bother to wait around for the penguins to show up.

in her stroller, raven was all smiles. wrapped snugly in the crochet blanket i made, the little bub was warm and toasty. i was jealous.

*raven at 10 months old

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