melbourne night noodle market

they had me at noodle.

but first, a little disclosure: i’m probably one of those people who gets pretty anal when it comes to event names and such. for example, if i’m invited to a filipino street food festival, of course i’d get a nervous breakdown upset if the occasion doesn’t follow through with its promise of endless stalls of delicious filo dishes capable of making me question why i even left home in the first place when it seems as if all i ever yearn for now is the food, aside from the precious family and friends i could be eating them with.

to be fair, it’s not the organizers’ fault that i have a hyperactive imagination with a somewhat exaggerated understanding of the definition of the word festival. as far as i’m concerned, festival = galore. totally interchangeable.

i can also get quite literal. say, if an event is something called melbourne night noodle market, immediately i’d be thinking about noodle soup and salivating at the thought of it almost by reflex. doesn’t even have to be soup per se. anything that has noodles in it and i’m down, panting like a fucking dingo at the prospect of a warm meal on a cold night.

but then again, i’m also kind of a hypocrite.

because i’m just the type who’d title my blog post with the name of an event and you can bet your kidneys i’d be talking about something completely off-topic.

flinders street station

so, anyway, there i was in the midst of the bustling crowd waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green, admiring the ochre-ness of flinders street station, oblivious of my missing big ass earring. fantasizing about that hot steaming bowl of noodle soup i was mindlessly talking about. so close to where the event was held i could almost taste the burn the soup was gonna leave on my tongue.

melbourne night noodle marketmelbourne night noodle marketmelbourne night noodle marketmelbourne night noodle market

except that i did not see any food stall offering any soup. or noodles, for that matter. something i would’ve gladly given up in exchange for a non-noodle item if only the lines weren’t so long and the prospect of eating while standing while simultaneously shivering weren’t so unappealing.

so don’t ask me how the melbourne night noodle market went. because i had my steaming bowl of pho somewhere else. (at this restuarant in elizabeth street where not only was it warm, but they also had tables and chairs.)

melbourne night noodle marketmelbourne night noodle marketso don't ask me how the melbourne night noodle market went. because i had my steaming bowl of pho somewhere else.

p.s. i think my own kid thinks i’m weird, judging by the ‘wtf’ looks she gives me sometimes. can’t blame her, though. i mean, if i were in her shoes and i saw me as my mom for the first time, i’d probably go, “you have got to be kidding me!” lol.

*raven at 6 months old

4 thoughts on “melbourne night noodle market

  1. I’ve went to this food market twice and noodles is not the highlight! Somehow I wasn’t expecting noodles to be there, Melbourne being unpredictable Melbourne anyway 😀 I hope you enjoyed the noodles in the restaurant. The kid looks sooo happy! There is the other sweets or some other kind of food market behind it on the weekend I think…dunno…

    1. i know! i hated that they raised my hopes up. oh, well, lesson learned. next time they have an event, i’ll expect something else so out of this world so i would be happily surprised to find whatever it is they’d offer. that should save me from heartaches. lol.

      i haven’t heard of that other food market you were talking about but i do wanna try the queen victoria one. have you been there?

      1. I have actually never been to the Queen Victoria market one, if it’s the Wednesday night market one if you are referring too. Generally I avoid food festival or events because they hurt the wallet so much and I don’t even feel full afterwards, lol.

        Usually these food events, for me it is enough to go one time and then never again 😀

        1. hahahaha. i second the whole drains-your-wallet issue as far as food festivals are concerned. i only go for the novelty of it but if you ask me, i’m happy to go to good ol’ springvale anytime! (or in your case, maybe footscray, as it’s closer to where you live. but even their chinese festival didn’t come cheap with all the nibbles we bought here and there.)

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