i could maybe use some of these toys myself too.

Typing on my phone right now. It makes me feel uneasy how every sentence is properly capitalized at the start. Kind of makes this blog post too formal; and me seem kind of stuck up. Not that i have anything against people who cross their t’s and dot their i’s to perfection but, you know, that’s not me. I like the casualness of small caps. The free flow it gives me as i type. But this freaking phone (no, really, i love this phone.) Has OCD so i’ll just let it be.

Besides, looks kind of fun to see capital letters randomly popping out of nowhere. Like in that last sentence up there, in case you haven’t noticed. We’ll see how this goes.


So anyway, i bought raven some toys yesterday. Although bought is such a passive word to use. Because the truth is, it was closer to panicbuying than anything else.

Because my older sister was like, “poor raven. how come she doesn’t have any toys? She needs the stimulation.”

In my head i was thinking:

1. isn’t my face stimulation enough?


Before somebody reports me to the authorities for child neglect, i did plan on getting raven some toys. Just when she’s older. And have you been to toys ‘r us? The sheer amount and variety of toys there are astounding. Half the time i couldn’t help but ask what they’re for and how exactly they contribute to a child’s development.

Because i guess i’m the kind of mom who promotes her child’s creativity through raw art. I mean getting little fingers and faces dirty with paint. and maybe a bit of a carboard box rides too.


Just as i’m the kind of mom who finds it really funny when her baby’s head is stuck in her singlet when she’s getting her ready so they can buy those freaking toys already.

Seriously, between me and my kid, i reckon i’m the one with the developmental delay.

*raven at 2 months old

8 thoughts on “i could maybe use some of these toys myself too.

    1. Hahaha. Na pressure ko ni may-ann, geng. Nahadlok ko basin mabogo nya akong anak unya ako iyang pasanginlan igka dako niya ngano wa nako sha paliti ug duwaan pag baby niya. Lol.

  1. Have the same problem where sister told me that i am not giving the best to my child because she does not have much toys at all… hurts to hear but i learn to ignore her.. and still my child do not have much toys.. she can play as much as she can with toys in the school when we are having our parent-child group session.

    1. It’s hard to listen to some people’s comments sometimes ‘coz it kind of makes you doubt your responsibility as a mom. But yeah, we’re all trying to do our best. As first-time moms it’s especially daunting since everything is still pretty much trial and error.

      As for toys, i don’t believe that kids need a lot. I prefer to do it the old school way where they are given the opportunity to be creative and resourceful. Nothing fancy.

      You’re doing a great job. Don’t worry. 👍

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