of books and boobs

time flies.

i don’t know how many times i’ve said that ever since i became a mom. watching my baby grow every day and achieving her milestones is always a bittersweet event. i get so fucking emotional. and yes, when she graduated from newborn nappies to infant ones, deep inside i was crying shitloads over that too.

motherhood is weird.


yesterday we took her for her 8-week checkup with the midwife. walked it ‘coz it was just around the block. that, and it was a nice sunny morning too. the freezing wind was a bitch but the sun was definitely a welcome relief from the cold rainy days we’ve been having lately.

i don’t like winter. never have. so even when it’s summer and it’s 34 degrees out, you might hear me complain but that’s just my half-hearted attempt at small talk. i’d take the heat anytime.

okay, maybe around 35 degrees max. i said heat, not hell.

anyway, everything went well with raven’s checkup. the midwife was just as happy with my breastmilk as i am because raven’s hitting the growth chart target.

speaking of breastmilk, i’m getting the hang of it now, breastfeeding. in a sense that i have already developed the uncanny ability to nurse her with one hand while reading a book on the other. (omg, may i recommend markus zusak’s the book thief? it’s awesome! like, 5 stars awesome. if i have to describe it in one word, i’d probably go for “delicious.” seriously, every page is fucking wordporn.)

as for breastfeeding shedding off those pregnancy pounds? i don’t know about that. i’m still a couple of kilos away from my home base. but then again, i may have been eating too many chocolate chip cookies. okay, fine, and ice cream as well but for what it’s worth, i was happy eating them.

now showing: revenge of the fats.


also, took the little bubba to the op shop yesterday to baptize her into the wonderful world of thrifting. barely 5 minutes in there and she was already crying. i called jeff and told him his daughter might not be into thrifting. that perhaps she’s more of a chanel and chadstone kind of girl.

almost gave her dad a heart attack.

on the bright side, i started her book collection already. bought secondhand, of course. (because i can’t ever justify buying books brand new. and also, because i’m a fucking cheapskate.) i started reading to her already even though she might not be able to focus quite yet. i don’t know if it’s doing her any good but i sure as hell am enjoying it!

*raven at 2 months old

4 thoughts on “of books and boobs

    1. yep, wanna get her interested in reading books, lars. para nerdy. liwat sa mama. hahaha. hopefully she picks up the reading habit when she grows up. if not, okay ra sad. i’ll support her interests gihapon. =)

      omg. mama na kaayo ko paminawon!!! mature nako! hahahahaha

  1. Raven baby! So cute! 🙂 You’re hilarious jan. I saw the film book thief, it is a good story. 🙂 I’ll check out some book excerpts to see what you mean.

    Hay. Dili nako anad sa mga 32’c and above nga weather. Mura kog mamatay if walay aircon. hahaha. I know, OA.

    1. hahaha. first world problems na ta, geng? ako kay anything but winter. right now i’m freezing my ass off. good thing i have raven as an excuse to stay in our room where it’s warm and toasty. samtang ang papa nanginabuhi sa tugnaw to support our luho. lol.

      hay nako geng. the author is such a brilliant writer. i love the way he writes jud. kang kris aquino pa, “love love love!” lol.

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