speaking of wedding anniversaries…

if it wasn’t for the fact that i was wearing a white dress and that jeff wasn’t in his usual jeans and singlet, you would’ve thought it was just your regular backyard barbie. which it basically was. except that it was our wedding.

it wasn’t really your typical kind of wedding. but at least a ceremony actually took place because if i had it my way, screw ceremonies. elopement was probably closer to my definition of a perfect wedding than, say, a grand one where the bride looks like a freaking princess in a ball and she’s the center of everyone’s attention.

because the last thing i wanted was everyone’s attention on me. and that’s the most fucked up thing with weddings especially if you’re the bride. and you’re a bride who happens to have a self-diagnosed social anxiety disorder with google as her trusted shrink.

now, i don’t know where the hell i’m going with this monologue except maybe to tell you guys how simple our wedding was. a bit on the disorganized side because i was a freaking bridechilla (my mantra then: relax, it’s just a wedding.) but everything turned out okay. it definitely wasn’t perfect but what’s a perfect wedding anyway?

the most important part, i reckon, was that i was marrying the man i not only loved but also respected.

in hindsight, i’m glad jeff didn’t give in to me when i begged if we could just sign the papers and call it a (wedding) day. i’m glad he had the maturity to see through my childish fears and anxieties. (wisdom definitely comes with age. aka the perks of being with a fossil. lol. hi, jeppy!)

because even if it wasn’t your proper proper kind of wedding, having both our families and friends there to celebrate and witness our union definitely made it waaay more meaningful.

belated photo dumping starts now…

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