melbourne christmas photowalk


it’s way past new year and here i am trying to take you back to christmas eve when jeff took me for an exercise in the guise of a photowalk. ha! don’t let the camera hanging down my neck fool you. he really was just taking me out for a walk like you would a dog. a camera strap in lieu of a leash.

but i didn’t mind. i was one happy puppy because i’ve always wanted to check out the lego christmas tree at fed square anyways. a 10-meter tall tree composed of more than 200,000 lego bricks. the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

it was alright. and i say that out of respect for the people who labored for 1,200+ hours just for me to comment that it was alright. to lego fanatics out there, that installation must be fucking awesome but i’m sorry to say that i was never really into lego growing up. mainly because i don’t remember owning legos as a kid.


weather-wise, christmas here in australia is kind of like in the philippines, i suppose. the days can get pretty hot when it’s not fairly cool. and there’s definitely no snow! so whatever white christmas spirit the city has is channeled through shopping centre decorations of snowflakes and penguins and snowmen.


for some reason, melbourne wasn’t really as busy as i expected it to be on that day. maybe because everyone was already out on their holidays then. but it was nice to see the quiet side of the city for a change. the alleyways weren’t packed. it even felt kinda weird seeing all those empty tables in cafes along degraves street.

even so, it was a good day to stroll around and take pictures of whatever caught my fancy.


although i don’t think i got the memo. because my idea of a photowalk?

taking pictures of jeff taking pictures of the city. #hesecretlylovedit #candidposer

*22 weeks pregnant

8 thoughts on “melbourne christmas photowalk

  1. Beautiful photos!!! and you are a very beautiful pregnant lady jan! 🙂

    oh and this:

    “even so, it was a good day to stroll around and take pictures of whatever caught my fancy.”

    obvs, jeff caught your fancy a lot, huh? haha.

    1. no, it’s what you call luuuurve…. hahahahaha

      i’m trying to read all your latest posts. man, it’s amazing how you put out a lot in one go! how do you even do that?!

  2. It looked like a very nice day. Hahaha, I do think you look every bit the photographer with the camera 😀 I used to play Lego a lot when I was a kid. Then my parents tried to get me to play with Barbies which I don’t like 😀

    1. DSLR cameras can be very convincing props to make anyone look like a legit photographer. lol. but trust me, i’m far from being that. all that aperture and ISO theory makes me go -.-

      you didn’t like barbies?! omg, i played with my barbies for hours when i was a kid. hahaha. yep, i was one of those girly girls who loved dressing up my barbies.

      but for you to enjoy playing lego, i’m guessing you’re one of those creative and intelligent kids. if handed a bunch of lego blocks, i probably wouldn’t know what to make out of them.

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