because what better way to feature melbourne’s streets than in a dance music video?

remember that behind the scenes video i posted? well, the actual video is out now and it’s really dope. everyone involved did a great job. of course, special mention to jeff because he’s my husband and i’m biased like that. lol. i’m not gonna write anymore how awesome he is at making music videos because that would make me sound redundant.

and besides, i’d rather let his work do the talking.

if anything, this shoot made me appreciate melbourne more. i discovered all these neat little alleyways and cafes and novelty shops i never even knew existed. particularly that dim, narrow lane across from degraves street. the scent of freshly brewed coffee and delicious food welcoming your senses like it welcomes locals and tourists alike.

oh, and did you know that somewhere in the block arcade, there’s this gallery called the art of dr. seuss? i so wanted to check it out but i was officially on duty then so i didn’t really get the chance to fake a ciggie break so i can sneak in and have a bit of a look. that’s the thing with working with your husband. you can’t exactly ask for a cigarette break when you damn well both know you don’t even smoke.

and you can’t pretend to call in sick either.

but i’m mentally bookmarking it, though. (just googled it and apparently, the event is only until the 8th of april 2016.) i’ll wait for my younger sister to fly here so we can go together and then maybe grab some bento or something vietnamese at swanston street or wherever.

because, see, that’s the other thing about melbourne. it has heaps of really good food it’s almost ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “because what better way to feature melbourne’s streets than in a dance music video?

    1. hey hey hey! look who caught up with my posts! hahaha.

      yes, geng. i wanna go visit that gallery. i just hope they’d allow us to take pictures.

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