this is how working with jeff looks like: a behind the scenes video

4:36 am.

i’m still up. jeff’s still up. he’s editing this mad music video at the moment and i was, well, i woke up at around 3 to make him tea and banana sandwich. my vital contribution to his creative endeavors, aside from looking out for his equipment while on shoots. i seriously don’t know how he can function without me.

yesterday we were at the city filming. he’s getting really good with his craft, the poofter. and i’m super proud of him to have gotten to this level of awesomeness. i totally support him 100% each and every step of the way because i see his passion and his dedication and that, in itself, deserves a lot of my respect.

but, yeah, some behind the scenes of yesterday’s shoot which i’m proud to say i took. (ehem.) i’m actually surprised they turned out alright, considering it was all handheld and as far as holding cameras steady is concerned, i have very shaky hands. good thing his camera has an internal stabilizer or something. and with a little bit of editing, it doesn’t look half bad at all.

paris and michael did a great job too. compared to their energy level, mine defaults to that of a slug. the same one i saw awhile ago sharing popit’s food which i asked jeff to take outside because i can’t stand worms and wormy-looking creatures which he didn’t on account that he believes slugs, like spiders, are friends.

sometimes i just wanna throw him a python in need of a hug.

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