take me to the snow

lo and behold, wordpress now has distraction-free writing mode!

it’s been a long time. feels like forever. even jeff’s been asking me why i haven’t blogged for so long, or have but so erratically.

i don’t know.

“been busy practicing calligraphy” is a pretty good excuse so let’s just leave it at that. although, not really.

girly sent me a video link of the youngest pen master in the world. said that it reminded her of me. and while it’s flattering to have one of your bestfriends suggest that you’re talented as hell, you also kind of have to factor in the fact that for all their wonderful intentions, they could also be blinded with bias love. but i certainly wouldn’t mind being branded a pen master in the future, though. if only i can get past italics which is like infancy stage as far as learning calligraphy is concerned.

life is good. last sunday, we went to the snow. my very first time to ever see one except for those times i shoved my head in the freezer when i was a kid. or watched in fascination as my breath fogged up inside S&R’s freezer room as a self-respecting adult.

it’s not that far from here, the snow. well, it is kinda far in terms of distance but considering that the roads and the traffic here are pretty good, i’d say it takes about 2-3 hours to get there. that includes a generous amount of leeway as i’m probably the last person you’d wanna ask directions from. just so you won’t call me a liar, take that estimate with a grain of salt. i kinda fell asleep along the way.

and who wouldn’t? we left really early. like, 7am early. which meant waking up at around 6 and hearing jeff say “baby, hurry up, they’re waiting for us!” once every 2 minutes as i fumbled into the set of snow gear i borrowed from jeff’s cousin. or should i say, jeff’s cousin’s 12-year old son. (fits like a glove, i tell ya. lol.)

victoria, australiavictoria, australia

“wow, look at those rangers!” jeff exclaimed, simultaneously driving and taking in the scenery at the same time.

it cracks me up how he always says ranges with an R. every time he does, i have to remind myself that he’s not talking about forest men in brown uniforms and cowboy hats. then again, i’m starting to get used to australians putting an R in their words when there’s none and omitting them when there’s one.

and just to indulge jeff a bit, yes, the rangers are pretty amazing. driving in the regional areas of victoria sometimes feels like driving through a lush forest. it really is very nature-y down here.

oh, yeah, we had to drive to moe. pronounced as maw-ee. about an hour’s drive from home. that’s not where the snow is. it’s the meeting area where we get on the bus for the pre-arranged trip to mt. baw baw.

victoria, australiamoe, victoria, australia

moe’s a quiet little town. i can actually see myself jogging around its blocks. except that i don’t really jog. at all. but i don’t know if i’d wanna live there, though. i find it a bit too far. sure, there’s the v-line train but like i said before, v-line trains service regional areas that are way out of reach for the metro lines. and while regional areas definitely have their charm, i don’t know how i’m going to survive without internet, or a very unstable one at that.

moe, victoria, australia

either we got to moe very early or the bus was late. either way, in true jeff valledor form, he took the opportunity to take his camera for a romantic stroll. taking pictures of cobwebs and moss and trees hibernating during the winter.

i, on the other hand, took my sweet time playing cookie jam. the sound of jason’s soft snore who was sleeping in the backseat fading away as i concentrated on clearing all the waffles and boxing all the goodies just so i could get to the next level.

moe, victoria, australiamoe, victoria, australia

outside my little addiction cocoon, little aurora took her mom and dad for a walk.

by the time the bus arrived, all this had already happened:

moe, victoria, australiamoe, victoria, australiamoe, victoria, australia

see you on the other side…

5 thoughts on “take me to the snow

  1. Awww, what a happy family trip. Haha, don’t be too embarrassed that you have to borrow your 12 year old cousin’s snow gear. I usually fit in to 8-10 year old kids stuff! So you all stopped for some McDonalds? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Very pretty pictures Jeff took. Moe. Maw-eee. Exactly how Australians pronounce it. When I moved back to Australia, I thought the “e” was silent and it went “Mo” ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Hahaha. I know, right?! I thought it was pronounced as “mow” and kept wondering how come everyone was pronouncing it differently.

      Thank god i’m not alone with the children’s wear fitting perfectly on me. #asianfit? Hehe. Hey, for a minute there, i just had an idea for your blog. Something to do with asians and their sartorial issues. But it’s pretty rough. Kinda lame, even. Nevermind. ๐Ÿ˜

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