me and daddy

it’s always a treat to see old photos of you as a kid. especially if once upon a time you were a really cute kid. which i like to think i was. hahaha.

you know what makes it even sweeter? seeing a very old picture of you and the father whom you love more than life itself looking at you like he felt the same way right at that very moment.

that, for me, seals the deal.

but i do have the greatest father in the world. it makes me ugly cry writing this right now but i’m very lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful dad (and mom too, of course) who now happens to be a wonderful lolo (and lola) to these kiddos.

the huge retro glasses might be gone and some wrinkles might have formed here and there. but that look in his eyes is the one thing time hasn’t touched.

daddy and adiaeva and adi


6 thoughts on “timeless

  1. Awwww. Such cute photos of you as a kid. You look like you were having a lot of fun with dad. Haha, those glasses were certainly cool back in the day 😀 In the second last photo was that you in the purple dress pulling your sister’s hair or someone else? 😀

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