on creative writing

okay, so i joined a creative writing workshop last saturday. i thought it was about time i improve on my writing skills and maybe learn a trick or two on how to write creatively.

however, no tips or tricks were dispensed that day. instead, we were asked to write a letter to ourselves describing the place we live. a writing prompt that gave us 30 minutes to exercise our minds and purge out words from our pens.

i never really had any trouble writing it. just as i didn’t have any trouble defying the instructions. because while i started with “dear jan,” i followed it up with sentences and paragraphs describing a house i have not lived in for 12 years.  i don’t even know why i chose that as my subject. i guess i’ve never really been a stickler to rules.

as we were all just sitting down, it wasn’t my knees that were shaking when i read my writing out loud to an audience of strangers. it was my voice. funny how the words flowed smoothly while i was writing it but when it came to actually reading it for other people to hear, the words somehow became unreadable and all i heard was the beating of my heart clashing against my thoughts silently screaming “omigod, why did i even volunteer to read this crap?”

somebody in the group must have uttered “wow!” because that was the first thing i heard when i finished reading my last sentence which wasn’t really a sentence because it ended with a question mark. either that, or i was hallucinating. but they all thought it was really good and i was just in disbelief as i still am now. like, really?!

fiona tuomy, the coach, said it was a creative piece of work. jeff, who’s very creative himself, thought it was brilliant when i read it to him later that night. (bless him, he is such a wonderful and supportive husband.)

so now i wonder, WHAT (REALLY) IS CREATIVITY?

but more importantly, why can’t i see it in myself when i can so easily and clearly see it in others? weird.

8 thoughts on “on creative writing

  1. Like I said before, I like how you write. Big fan here.

    Post what you have written for that class 😀

    1. aww… thanks, mustachio. i like how you write too. very witty. and i’m jealous that you’re out there going places! at least i get to read about them on your blog, hey? =)

      yeah, i’m thinking of posting that thing i wrote here. we’ll see… hehe.

    1. true. i was lucky enough to stumble into one. i’ve always wanted to join creative writing workshops in the philippines but you don’t really get that there unless you wanna enrol in a full course which was something i didn’t wanna do.

      keep looking. you might find some interesting activity you’d like.

  2. you are creative. 🙂 writing, gift wrapping, make up, diy stuff and a whole lot of other things — that’s your art. you ‘create’ things based on how you perceive them. and when you share it, all of it is wonderful because it is sincere and it’s something that adds value to your readers / friends / audience / recipient of art work. haha.

    1. wow, that’s pretty intense, geng! hahahaha. but thank you for always supporting me though. right from the very start. you’re one of the writers i look up to. i know i keep telling you that but you are a very talented writer and i love you even more for that.

      so now that legal gay marriage is in the works, can we get married now? hahahahaha.

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