el2 in melbourne

i excitedly called her last monday to tell her zoe and alex are still together.

“you called just to inform me that the couple you didn’t like in married at first sight are still together?” she asked in a tone that could’ve easily said, “that’s it?!”

“no. i also called to tell you that ayden and jess won in reno rumble.” i said matter-of-factly, proud to be the bearer of such good news.

in case you don’t know, married at first sight is this tv program my sister and i got hooked on, but then she had to leave for the philippines before she saw the ending. the concept of the show is kind of like couples going on a blind date; set up by a group of psychologists and dating experts who match the couples in terms of personality and compatibility. except that they don’t go out on a casual date. they get married right then and there and see how far they’d go in their relationship.

side note: yes, it’s true i didn’t really like zoe at first because she seemed so distant during her wedding. but as the show progressed, she seems like a really genuine person who doesn’t put her heart on the line straight away. she kind of reminds me of me when i first met jeff, actually. hahaha.

reno rumble, on the other hand, is a show about renovating other people’s houses. my sister loved that shit. she used to hang around on the couch waiting for the block. this one time, we were having dinner at jeff’s mom’s house and she was getting antsy. she wanted to go home as quickly as she could because it was “almost 7 o’block!” lol.  sometimes i don’t know if she was into it because of the home ideas or because she fancied some of the chippies and the tradies.

anyway, point is, i kinda miss having her around.

and i realized i still have heaps of photos of her that i have yet to post during her 2-month stay here in melbourne.

like that time i took her to flinders street station so that she, too, would experience what i felt the first time i saw the light and the busyness of the city upon exiting the station. suffice it to say that i’m the only one who ever gets emotionally poetic about these kinds of things. #loser

flinders street stationflinders street stationmelbourneflinders street station

as hosier lane was just a stone’s throw away, i took her there as well. because she’s into art.

hosier lanehosier lanehosier lanehosier lanehosier lanehosier lane

as well as into posing like a fashion blogger for her instagram too, apparently. tee-hee.

14 thoughts on “el2 in melbourne

  1. Your sister looks very stylish against Hosier Lane. Like a fashion model. Haha, she’s into those reality TV shows. I don’t follow them but if that’s what she likes, that’s what she likes 😀 The city looks sooo good and lovely to walk around when it’s a sunny day. It’s been so cold here of late, I wish spring and summer would come soon.

    1. i know!!!!! i can’t wait for winter to be over. like, can we just skip this bit and move on to the next season and stay in that season forever? lol. i sound like i’m going mad.

  2. Beautiful pictures! you re such a model! Not so easy to be far from the ones you love most, bless internet and the free connections; So great to be so close to your sister, you made me want to call mine! I am going to do it right now 🙂

    1. true. thank heavens for technology! i don’t know how the older generations coped with the telegram. although i think they were probably just as happy with it as we are now with skype.

      hope you and your sister had a lovely conversation. i can just picture the both of you sounding so sexy talking in french.

    1. but isn’t cebu catching on with street art? ‘coz i’ve seen some bloggers posing against colorful murals in the city.

      i don’t really like graffitis too, especially those that merely advertise their group’s name or their own names for vanity. i consider it more as a vandalism instead of art.

    1. thank you. =) my friend teased me saying it was the kind of clothing pocahontas would wear. but i love that poncho. very warm. nevermind that my legs were getting goosebumps galore. lol.

    1. oh, the street art in melbourne is alive and kicking! i am oftentimes amazed to discover some really good ones in random streets and alleyways.

      have a great day, michelle! =)

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