when in doubt, take them to trash and treasures.

the wedding photos would just have to wait. there are heaps of them to sort out. i’m amazed we have that many pictures considering that we didn’t really have a photographer. mostly, it was jeff’s cousin and friends taking turns with his cameras and just shooting the night away.

my parents will be leaving melbourne soon. in a couple of days, i’ll be saying goodbye to them at the airport and wishing they could stay with me indefinitely, or even just a few days longer. but melbourne weather has been so shitty these last two weeks and they’re not used to the cold. plus, they have other places to go and businesses to attend to. their worlds don’t revolve around me.

but i’m super duper glad they took the time and effort to fly all the way here just to be physically present on my wedding day. as helpful as skype and facetime can be, it will never be enough.

tomorrow, jeff and i will be picking them up at the airport. they spent this week at sydney. at first i was a bit jealous of their time spent away from me but god knows how miserable the weather here has been (most especially this week) so i’m happy that they got to visit a different city where the sun’s so much more reliable.



considering that there are a lot of things that you can do in melbourne, i’m having a pretty difficult time planning where to take them. el2 and i took them to the city last week but they weren’t very happy with all the walking, which is basically what you do a lot(!) in the CBD. they’re getting old. i oftentimes forget.

so maybe we’ll just take them to the vineyard or something. i think they’d like that. and maybe take them to trash and treasures too. because my mom loves thrifting.

like mother, like daughters, i guess.

p.s. belated happy mother’s day to the most amazing woman i know.

trash and treasurestrash and treasurestrash and treasurestrash and treasures

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