shit just got real

jeff & jan wedding

… and “happily ever after” held only as long as the wind would let it. but all in all, it was a wonderful day. a very wonderful day, indeed.

blog post(s) coming up soon. (but with all the mess i have to clean up, that might have to take a while. hehe. but we’ll see.)

a big thank you to every one who came and/or sent their best wishes. jeff and i really appreciate it. =)

11 thoughts on “shit just got real

    • thank you for updating the rest of the freaks on viber, geng. mas paspas pa ka naka update kaysa nako! hehe.

      and yes, this goes without saying but i love you heaps too. xoxo

    • thanks, estelea! the pictures might just have to wait. 1000+ photos coupled by a healthy dose of procrastination doesn’t make a good combination. hehe. but i will definitely post them as soon as i can. =)

      how are you? hope you and your family are doing wonderful.

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