shit just got real

jeff & jan wedding

… and “happily ever after” held only as long as the wind would let it. but all in all, it was a wonderful day. a very wonderful day, indeed.

blog post(s) coming up soon. (but with all the mess i have to clean up, that might have to take a while. hehe. but we’ll see.)

a big thank you to every one who came and/or sent their best wishes. jeff and i really appreciate it. =)

11 thoughts on “shit just got real

    1. thank you for updating the rest of the freaks on viber, geng. mas paspas pa ka naka update kaysa nako! hehe.

      and yes, this goes without saying but i love you heaps too. xoxo

    1. thanks, estelea! the pictures might just have to wait. 1000+ photos coupled by a healthy dose of procrastination doesn’t make a good combination. hehe. but i will definitely post them as soon as i can. =)

      how are you? hope you and your family are doing wonderful.

      1. We are doing greatn thanks 🙂 You don’t need to post the first thousand right away, 10ish would do. OK, even 5. Come on!!! You got us hooked on this wedding for so long, I feel I know all your friends and fam, I need to see the dress at least ;))

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