my girls

they’re not my kids but the way i gush about them, i swear i turn into the most ridiculously doting aunt on the planet. but i know there are a lot of other ridiculously doting aunts and uncles out there so i’m not alone.

anyway, here are a few photos that made me smile this week. thank god for adorable nieces and viber.


adi started gymboree. she can’t really talk yet but she now has a very toothy smile. a big improvement from her sukilala phase. hehe.

aeva and adi

looking at aeva wearing her soccer uniform was a bittersweet one for me. she looks so grown up! where did my little pony princess go? it scares me that she seems to be growing up at a rate that i cannot keep up. or even pause for just a bit.

aeva and adi

i like to think that i come from a very artistic family. and i think i do. except that whatever creative gene it blessed my mom and younger sister doesn’t really run in my veins. and so i am left with no recourse but to be a “patron of the arts.” a mere appreciator of el2’s artistic endeavor at painting these kiddos.

the competitive aunt in me now wonders, “how am i gonna top that?!”

edit: while we’re on the subject, might as well throw in other random pictures, as well. a little cuteness overload never hurt anyone, ayt? =)

aeva and adiadi

9 thoughts on “my girls

    1. as in, lars! i think mao na ang role sa mga auntie — tig spoil sa mga pag-umangkon! hehehe. but they grow up too fast, though!!! i bet you can relate to that with your own kid.

  1. Gymboree. I like that word! Great shots of your nieces. They look like a bundle of energy to be around. Haha, didn’t seem you spoilt them a lot…but they already have so much to do 😀 Hope they didn’t make you too tired!

    1. if only she lives close to me. i’d be worse than a stage momma, taking photos of her every chance i get. but we live so painfully far away from each other that i’m happy to even just receive photos of her on viber.

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