she’s here! =)

she’s already been here for two weeks or so. which means that’s how long i’ve been slacking off from writing. i wish i could tell you i was knee-deep in the hoopla of wedding preparations but to be brutally honest, i’ve been pretty much just chill about it. too chill, in fact. i don’t know. as much as i wanna get married to the greatest man i know (next to my dad), weddings have never really been my thing. i recently came to the conclusion that elopement is more like my style.

and jeff and i do wedding photography. go figure.

but the good news is, my sister’s here! now she can start doing all those pinterest-y stuff that i’m not really good at. i mean, she’s a preschool teacher, for crying out loud! it’s illegal for preschool teachers to not know how to make paper flowers, at least.

but that’s not the only thing i’m making her do to take full advantage of her credentials. i also make her clean the backyard. and when i say “clean,” i mean more than just pulling out weeds. my mom would be so proud, considering how she has to hire other people’s services for what my sister’s doing which i get for free! *evil laugh*

fyi: the backyard used to look like a jungle. we’re basically doing what a back hoe does. minus the back hoe. although i can’t take much credit for all the heavy stuff because that would be jeff. but for what it’s worth, i’m getting very good at shoveling. and stacking bricks chest-high without screaming like a sissy every time i accidentally slam my fingers in between bricks. (of course i whimper. IT F*CKING HURTS!) as of press time, the backyard’s just about as ready as our wedding. hahaha. good luck!

so, anyway, back to my sister…

jan and el

the very first thing she said once she got out of the airport?

“omigod, ditche, gwapo kaayo ang mga police!”

yep, that’s right. barely enough sleep (as she decided to stop by singapore to visit some friends) and the moment she lands in melbourne, the first thing she noticed was how cute the airport cops looked.

then later, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, how the guys in the car beside ours were like hot surfer-looking dudes.

i wouldn’t be surprised if she gets engaged within two months. (beating my personal record by 12 weeks and stealing my title as the wild card in the family. lol.)

parliament building, melbournemelbournemelbourne

on that incredibly warm night, jeff and i took her for a stroll along bourke street, ending at little bourke street where chinatown is. because what better way to welcome a first-time visitor to australia than showing them china?

and then she saw this really cool busker and that pretty much made her night. i mean, how melbourne can it get?

10 thoughts on “she’s here! =)

    1. no worries, mate. cheers!

      hahaha. that should be aussie enough for a reply.

      so you’re flying here in australia, as well? which state?

  1. Sounds like to your wedding preparations are in full swing…and since your sister is here, more time for you and Jeff ๐Ÿ˜‰ You and your sister look alike, you look so happy to spend time with her. And Chinatown is the perfect place to take her – colorful part of town and good food!

    1. um, not really. she’s complaining i’m too slack. which i probably am. lol.

      as for the food, she had her own moments of culture shock looking at the huge servings. haha. so now we always go havvies when we dine out. which is great because i don’t wanna look like a spring roll in my dress. lol.

      1. Haha! Culture shock because of food portions…but that’s what you get in Australia! I always prefer to share my dishes when I’m dining out but my friends are usually big eaters and don’t want that lol.

        Good luck with the wedding preparations! It will be fun ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. i like to share my food with jeff too but sometimes, he just wants to eat the whole thing so i’m stuck trying to finish my own food even when i can hardly breathe anymore so i know what you mean. hehehe.

          thanks, mabel. the wedding should be just fine. not perfect, but fine. =)

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