water therapy

so i may never really admit straight to jeff’s face that melbourne’s got some superb beaches but i don’t mean that as an insult to the city. it’s just that i’m a die-hard fan of philippines’ azure beaches lined with coconut trees reaching out to touch either the water or the sky. dancing to the rhythm of the wind blowing warm kisses on your face that leaves you with a suntanned glow.

such tropical thoughts induce poetry in me.

the beaches here, frankly, not so much. mainly because most of the time, it’s rather cold. it’s difficult to be poetic about the cold, unless you’re going for the kind that breaks your heart or rhymes with hypothermia.

to be fair, the dude is right. compared to most of the beaches back home, australia has public beaches whose shores stretch on and on and on. emphasis on the word public. which means everyone gets fair and equal use of it without having to pay anything (because the exorbitant parking fee already takes care of that, i suppose.)

but on this random day, i realized it doesn’t really matter which side of the world you are. the salty breeze and the sound of the waves would always find a way to charm you. bonus points when there’s sunlight peeking through.

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8 thoughts on “water therapy

  1. Beaches in the Philippines have coconut trees up and down? I am jealous! In Melbourne or in Australia that is a very rare sight…I am not even sure there are coconut trees here. You are right. I also noticed the beaches in Melbourne are always cold 😦 I suppose in Philippines it’s hot and humid at the beach, like in Malaysia and Singapore 😀 You and Jeff look like you had a lot of fun at Edithvale beach ❤

    1. that’s right! coconut trees galore!!! =D and the water’s not cold, either. on the hottest of summer days (and mind you, it’s practically summer all year round), the heat can be a bitch though. but i’d take that over the cold anytime. hehe.

      i’ve never been to the beaches in malaysia. you’re from malaysia, yeah? what’s the beaches like over there? maybe it’s the same as in the philippines.

      1. I love it when you shake the coconut tree and the coconuts fall down. It can be dangerous, but the reward is a juicy coconut 😀

        My parents are from Malaysia, and I grew up there. The beaches there are like the Philippines. Hot and the water is warm. Sometimes it can get too hot for my liking.

        1. yeah, it does get a little too hot sometimes. back in the philippines, most of the time i’d be in the shade just enjoying the scenery ‘coz i don’t wanna get roasted in the heat.

          shake the coconut tree?!!! that’s dangerous! but then again, in the philippines, people climb the tree so i don’t know which one’s the lesser evil. haha.

          i’ve been to malaysia once. it’s so much like the philippines, in a sense. my sister and i stayed at the heritage station hotel which was a very cool experience in itself. i would love to go back there. =)

    1. i don’t really know what they’re there for but i’m guessing tourists nail their slippers on to those posts because… i don’t know. maybe ‘coz it’s a beach area or something? hehe.

    1. they are. but frankly, that’s all there is to it, though.

      p.s. i checked your website. your posts are so funny! i had a good laugh reading all those funny signs.

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