reposting this in honor of my mom. funny how, 5 years later, every word still holds true. happy birthday, mommy.

looking back now, i find it somewhat surprising how i used to write so openly on my blog before. but then again, this was during the era of the now-defunct multiply, where i could count my faithful readers by my fingers, plus maybe several toes. but it never really rippled out extensively into the vast ocean of the blogosphere. not that it does now but, i don’t know. somewhere down the road, i became more cautious somehow. more guarded. the fear that chokes my muse into silence lest she be misconstrued is the same fear that makes me relegate the darker memories into the annals of my journal. right where they should be. there’s enough drama in the world as it is.

when i’m 80 and i still remember my name (or more importantly, my password), i want to read this blog with nostalgia. with a thankful sigh for the wonderful days. the beautiful memories. looking at the smiles of the people who once upon a time graced the pages of my blog. and my life, for that matter. the same ones who got me through my darkest moments in their own little ways whether they knew it or not.

because i did have my fair share of those moments. you might never really read about them here. i preferred to look up at the stars.

so anyways, i wrote this highly emo post ages ago. something about my mom, and how much i admire her for the tough cookie that she is. (right, jeff? lol.)

it’s her birthday today. and as much as i wanna write a brand new post about her, i much prefer to stick to the classic one that still holds true even after all these years. tried and tested.

mommy's family

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