west 35

remember that time i pretended to be a sexy librarian and my friends and i went on this road trip?

west 35 eco mountain resort

we actually drove up to west 35 that day, this restaurant high up in the mountains of balamban. i’ve been there once before. it’s not purely a restaurant since they also offer accommodations for their guests and believe me when i say that the rooms were really nice. (we did a quick tour as they were unoccupied then.) with glass-walled bathrooms overlooking the hilly landscape which kind of leaves you wondering if people from below can actually see you doing your business. of course you have the option of using the blinds but, you know, taking a sh*t or a shower while meditating on the scenery must be quite a spiritual experience too.

anyway, if mountain vacations are your kind of high, then you might wanna check them out. they don’t call themselves west 35 eco mountain resort for nothing. i believe they do pickups as well, in case you don’t feel comfortable driving. no dramas.

west 35 eco mountain resort

to be honest, there’s really nothing much to see there once your eyes have had their fill of green mountains galore and your skin have had its share of ample goosebumps from the cool breeze. but your lungs will thank you for the experience of breathing fresh, non-polluted air, though.

so the next best thing to do?

west 35 eco mountain resort

EAT. satisfy your tummy’s craving for nachos or carbonara or whatever dish they offer on their menu (except don’t get the fish fillet thingie. big mistake.) because THE FOOD THERE IS AWESOME! (except for the fish fillet thingie.)

wait, did i just caps lock that?! lol. but yeah, like i said, it’s awesome. so awesome that we had food all over our table and we were all like, “wow, this carbonara so yummy! can somebody pass me some pizza? and maybe some lemonade, too, while you’re at it?”

all traces of our plan to have a bit of a light lunch — gone! what the hell does “light lunch” mean, anyway? that word is as alien as… diet.

we actually ordered more dishes than those shown on the collage. i don’t really take photos of food. that would be roma. grabbing my camera off me and just clicking away while i sit there and gripe, “guys, can we eat now?”

but the nachos, man! i’m thinking about those nachos as we speak and i swear, i just wanna teleport myself back there. like, omigod, nachoooos!!! (spoken with the same intensity as homer’s “mmm… donuts.”)

and the next best thing to do after the next best thing to do? cam-whore, of course.

west 35 eco mountain resortwest 35 eco mountain resortwest 35 eco mountain resortwest 35 eco mountain resortwest 35 eco mountain resortwest 35 eco mountain resort

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