everyone is someone’s hero

gen2, girly’s sister, asked what the occasion was when roma and i suddenly asked her if she and her folks could have dinner with us. another one of those impromptu activities that have more chances of happening compared to the thoroughly planned ones.

“nothing. it’s national heroes’ day,” roma joked in reply.

thinking about it now, how very appropriate that the invitation coincided with the commemoration of the valiant efforts of all the filipino men and women who died for the love of our country. yesterday, indeed, was national heroes’ day, after all.

but then again, aren’t we all heroes one way or another? we might not have statues or plaques proclaiming the extraordinary contributions we have silently made to the people around us but that doesn’t make us any less of a hero than those whose names are found in history books. in the end, i guess it’s all about making a difference in other people’s lives. shout out to all the heroes we know — dead or living; famous or otherwise.

this post is for girly and her ultimate hero: her mom. the woman whom she admires for her strength, her sacrifices, her generosity.

“like mother, like daughter,” so they say. because the very things girly sees in her mom, i see in her too. and whether she knows it or not, she’s one of those everyday heroes who might not win battles all the time, but puts up a pretty good fight for the sake of the people she loves. a mdoern-day gabriella silang who may sometimes dabble in sisa roles but is very tandang sora, nonetheless. lol.

thank you for everything, geng. and thank you to your mom and dad, too, for raising such a wonderful, wonderful person we are all proud to have as a friend. schizo love. xoxo

girly's familygirly's familygirly's familygirly's familygirly's familygirly's family

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