sexy librarian

“wait, wait, wait,” i said dramatically once roma, gayle, aj, jelven, and i were all in the car, ready to go on another one of those impromptu road trips where i told them i’d meet them at 1pm. only to have roma message me that jelven was on his way to pick me up so i better get my ass ready by 12 noon. (something that has happened a lot of times already here, here, and here i don’t even know anymore if it’s called peer pressure or bullying. maybe both.)

fishing out a pair of fashion eyeglasses from my bag, i theatrically put it on. “what do you guys think?”

the stoned looks on their faces told me they weren’t getting it so without further ado, i exclaimed, “i’m a sexy librarian!”

that cracked them up.

and before you know it, we were taking group selfies of ourselves at the back while jelven and aj contrived to make sure our pictures came out blurry by either speeding or driving into potholes. something i’m totally grateful for because modesty aside, i like to think that i look hot when my photos are blurry. i’m actually very photogenic like that. lol.


but seriously, though, isn’t it amazing how just one piece of accessory can make a whole lot of statement? i mean, sure, it was starting to give me a bit of a headache but wearing it made me feel like a totally different person. except that deep inside, i was still the same old dorky me.


no wonder fashion experts keep stressing the need to accessorize. i’m very minimalist when it comes to that although i don’t mind going one step further once in a while, looting my sister’s stuff on those rare occasions that i do. like i did on this day. when she saw gayle’s post of us on instagram, she was like, “are those my glasses?!” lol. don’t you just love having sisters?

(by the way, i did a bit of online window shopping and found all these really cool eyewear at zalora. i found some sunnies that would look perfect on her, as she’s more into them than me. just as she’s more likely to lose them than me. and her birthday is coming up next month so… maybe i’ll send her the link so she can buy one herself.)

BUT… and i say this for the record. fashionably unfashionable as i am, all i know is:

the best and most timeless accessories you could ever want and need are the people who make your life worth living a million times over.

p.s. if that sounded smart, blame it on the glasses. i’m just a sexy librarian.


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