cebu, through his eyes

i’m currently editing some pictures for a new post when i stumbled upon jeff’s photos. photos that he took of cebu. just random shit that might have caught his fancy at the time.

random shit that’s making me look at cebu in a totally different light now. looking at my own city as if for the first time.

it makes me feel… i don’t know. i’m still in the process of, um, processing my emotions. this might take a while.

i mean, don’t get me wrong. i love cebu. i’m a true-blue cebuano to the core. i grew up here. she practically raised me and i’m proud of that. i think cebu’s got all these really great attractions going on which is something i’ve been trying to promote on this blog too.

but, you know, on the other side of the spectrum, there’s this:


and i’m like, “why haven’t i seen these before?”

i mean, actually see them. is it because i’m so used to it that everything just slipped from my notice?

or worse, have i simply, numbly stopped caring?

6 thoughts on “cebu, through his eyes

    1. that’s true. they’re everywhere, indeed. which is why it gets easier to dismiss or get immuned to the sights. it’s just really different looking at it from other people’s perspective, though. makes you look twice and hard, if you know what i mean.

      don’t mind me. i’m blabbering. lol.

        1. ditto! plus, i get to know what’s the latest around the city. keeps me abreast with the #katkats. lol. you read about that? if you haven’t and you’re interested, i’ll give you the link. =)

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