kind of like pandora’s box. but in a good way.


i have yet to introduce my other niece, adi, who my dad reckons looks exactly like me when i was a kid. the upgraded version of me. i can’t really say we look alike so i dug up ancient pictures of me for reference.

i still don’t see any similarities.

the problem with digging through old stuff is that you come across, well, old stuff that makes you go “awww…”


like that picture of me and my humongous eyes during my baptism and unrecalled birthdays with cakes bigger than my head, as well as the random photos taken by my parents for posterity.

and then there was that time my mom dressed me up in this red costume to represent finland for a school activity. to be honest, i looked more like little red riding hood than one of those finnish girls. (don’t tell my mom i said that. i believe she designed that dress. and to some extent, sewed it too. she did an amazing job. i looked just about ready to run away from the big bad wolf. lol. i love my mom so much, though, so it’s cool.)


i found several photos of may-ann too. my older sister. in some pictures, she kind of looks like aeva. she used to have curly hair but then it straightened out when she grew up, for some reason.

she’s a wonderful sister. takes really good care of us. (*cough* urban decay naked palette. lol. HI, AN!) i love her so much. i don’t know if she knows but i look up to her in so many ways. when i become a mom someday, i wanna be like her. or at least try. because she’s one of those moms that i truly admire. =)


among the three of us, el-el’s the most adventurous. she makes me do things i normally wouldn’t do. she makes me wanna risk chipping my nail polish. i know i’ve mentioned this a million times already, but she also made me go cliff-climbing. that was, by far, the most adventurous thing i ever did in my life that bordered on suicide. until now, it still surprises me how i managed to survive that ordeal in one piece. (my favorite converse shoes didn’t.)

i love my big little sister so much too. so much that i agreed to proofread her thesis which she will be submitting this week. i already started editing it this afternoon. it gave me a headache. i’m not even halfway through her paper yet. i still have 35 pages to go. one nasty migraine coming right up!

5 thoughts on “kind of like pandora’s box. but in a good way.

        1. i don’t know about the physical part ‘coz i can’t really see it but personality-wise, she is so like mommy! strikta kaayo. lol.

          p.s. you didn’t hear it from me. haha.

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