little miss finland

talk about procrastination and having no sense of direction at all!

tonight, my goal was to upload some pictures of our recent bacolod trip. was. ‘coz instead of sticking to that, here i am browsing through the aged photos that my sister scanned. photos of me and my family when we were all younger. photos of everyone laughing and having a good time on special occasions where everyone had the chance to get together and bond. photos of me and my childhood. and of how it seems so long ago and so far away.

bittersweet emotions. the love-hate relationships. the laughter and the tears. but i always look back on those years with love. just as i love my sisters no matter what. like i said, love-hate relationship. hehe.


and here i am all dressed up as Little Miss Finland for a preschool event way back when. looking more like little red riding hood than anything else. lol.

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