some random day

i can’t remember much of what happened but the photos that have been sleeping in this computer’s memory serve as evidence of the bits and pieces of what actually transpired on that day in january of this year. feels like a long time ago. i can barely remember what it’s like living in australia, easily re-accustomed to the comfortable life here in cebu where the hands on the clock move rather slow.


on that day, we bumped into daisy and her son at doveton. jeff adores daisy. an old neighbor, she used to babysit him when he was still a kid fresh from the mountains of badian. (speaking of which, i have yet to write another post about that.) anyway, jeff once drove me around his old ‘hood and we stopped by daisy’s house which was right next to his old house. he introduced me to her as ze girlfriend and she was really nice. such a lovely lady. gave me a big hug. you could tell she was genuinely happy for jeff.

i was genuinely happy for jeff too. because, come on, man! it’s me we’re talking about here. lol. i kid.

jeff and jan

the rest of what we did that day is all blurred out. but as the photos above suggest, jeff had his broccoli and cauliflower pie. his go-to lunch.

and let me just say this, for the record: contrary to what i may have looked like and what my photo might erroneously suggest, i was not on drugs. i seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me but somehow, for some reason, i always manage to look like an addict on pictures. always. works like a charm, actually. lol.

the drugged look, i don’t mind so much. but the completely bare face sans makeup? makes me really glad i learned a trick or two now. not to sound vain, but… *cringe*


and then, of course, there was popit. ze spoiled cat whom i love so much too.

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