misis puppy puppy cute

misis puppy puppy cute

it was one of our summer projects together: growing a grass head. some random stuff i found at this random shop my mom and i checked out. at first, aeva couldn’t decide what to name her, suggesting one name after another until she settled for misis puppy puppy cute. mirthful childish laughter as she said it. don’t ask me how she came up with that name. because, you know, kids.

for the first five days we observed misis puppy puppy cute’s grass hair. it was like a science project that bloomed right before our very eyes. a couple of weeks later, armed with a pair of scissors and several ribbons, she took the task of styling the grass head, cutting off more than she should have. grass snippets on the table and on the floor. but she was happy with her work.

i ended up cleaning after her.


she already left for texas last week. misis puppy puppy cute looks as if it’s about to die, having reached its growth potential.

i miss her so much already, that girl.

while chatting with her on facetime a while ago, we had this conversation:

aeva: janjan, work very hard on getting your papers so you can get on the plane to come here.

me: what papers? you mean the visa?

aeva: no, i mean the papers that would give you permission to come here in allen. work very, very hard on it, okay?

she definitely meant the visa.

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