of kids and clays

it all started the other night with a snowman that turned into an artist with a mustache. my 5-year old niece wanted to do some clay modeling and being the appointed babysitter who adores the little kid to death, i obliged. simply because i find that innocent charm of hers irresistible.

“so what are you gonna make, janjan?” she sweetly asked, packs of crayola clays in blue, red, green, yellow, white, and black scattered open around us on the bed.

“i think i’ll make a snowman.” because, you know, with my kind of creativity, two balls of white for a head and body plus four more balls for the eyes and buttons is the most that my imagination can do without breaking down permanently.

turns out molding a clay snowman isn’t as easy as i thought it would be. so i made a couple of revisions and ended up with… this. whatever you wanna call it.

clay modeling with aeva

yesterday afternoon, she was at it again. once again, with that eager anticipation in her eyes that breaks my own heart at the thought of saying no.

“what are we making this time, janjan?”

feeling a bit more adventurous, i said, “how about we create something that looks like baby lion?” (that’s her favorite stuffed toy. the one she had since she was a baby. her security blanket.)

and so we did. that’s my best effort right there. beside it is her version which, to her eyes, looks like her baby lion. although it kind of looks like a rooster to me, to be honest. but, hey, what do i know?

clay modeling with aeva

anyhow, when she noticed that my version of baby lion looked better, she wanted to make another one. this time, with my help. she then named them mama baby lion and baby baby lion. she’s really good with naming like that.

clay modeling with aeva

and no, that’s not a blob of clay inside a clear plastic ferrero rocher box. that’s aeva’s work of art. her masterpiece.

you’re actually looking at the roof. of a nest. inside it is a cute little chick. painting. with a drawing board and easel. not to mention a lamp shade so it can still see clearly in the dark. and that black thingie outside the nest? bird food.

i kid you not.

she named the chick chip chip.

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