yap-sandiego ancestral house. again.

i’m terribly sorry i didn’t take the time to remember his name. but then again i was never good with names, to begin with. and faces too, as well. but i will never forget the valuable historical lessons he taught me. looking back now, he was the major influence as to why i would always consider the yap-sandiego ancestral house my most favorite museum out of all the museums here in cebu. indeed, having a good curator is what makes the entire experience even more memorable. and he was definitely a brilliant one! he was very knowledgeable with superb communication skills. he was also gay, which is the only defining characteristic i can remember in lieu of the forgotten name.

because, see, the thing is, i personally believe that it’s more than just taking pictures of the past. 90% of it is learning something that you take along with you into the future. until the day you die or get alzheimer’s, whichever comes first.

i’ll be sharing some photos of that day i took auntie becky and kent to visit the yap-sandiego ancestral house. however, i will not be talking about interesting facts or trivia, as pretty much everything i wanna say i had already written here before. i have to say it’s a very comprehensive post. just don’t mind the person i was with then. you don’t call it history for nothing. lol.

yap-sandiego ancestral houseyap-sandiego ancestral houseyap-sandiego ancestral houseyap-sandiego ancestral houseyap-sandiego ancestral houseyap-sandiego ancestral house

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