i’m no tree hugger, but…

cornwall park, auckland

i adore trees, for some reason. more than their ecological value or atmospheric impact, i like them because they’re really pretty to look at (at the risk of sounding shallow and careless as to trees’ humongous contribution to the environment). but this isn’t exactly a science blog. i’m not here to preach about gas exchange and photosynthesis and all that jazz.

i’m just here to sit back and appreciate the beauty that was before me on that chilly monday morning at cornwall park in winter of last year.

cornwall park, auckland

like the twin oak drive within the park where oak trees grew on both sides of a pathway, casting shadows on the earth while the sun cast light upon the leaves and the branches above. it was a very photogenic view. i remember being enchanted by it, standing in the middle of the road and feeling like the oak trees were giving me group hugs from all directions. (why do i sound like i was on drugs during that trip? next thing i know i’ll be claiming that the trees talked to me. lol.)

or maybe it was just because of the music that was playing in my headphones then. schubert’s ave maria which randomly played while i was there, its sound waves orchestrating my neurons to function in an erratic frenzy — propelling me to a higher dimension while grounding me at the same time. i know, i know, it’s weird. classical music is not for everyone. i do like listening to it once in a while though. and on that day, at that particular spot, it was the perfect song to listen to. 100% emo guaranteed!

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