the creatures of cornwall park

it’s easy to understand why, when some people think of rolling green hills and cinematic landscapes, a mental picture of new zealand immediately comes to mind. after all, new zealand, indeed, is synonymous to nature. that i’ve seen for myself. if melbourne is high on architecture, new zealand is high on parks. at least that’s what i thought while sitting on the bus and watching park after park after park outside my window. or so they seemed to me, considering how everything was just green and well, park-y. coming from a land where there are hardly any decent parks available for the general public, even the island in the middle of the road looked like a mini park to me already! forgive my apparent ignorance but, yeah… it can be quite a refreshing sight to see, although it can also be as lonely because, you know, trees often have this way of bringing out the emo in you. (more of that in my next post.)

cornwall park, auckland

cornwall park is one of my favorite parks in auckland. it’s massive! but more than that, it’s such a beautiful place to walk around in. yep, even more beautiful than the city, i daresay. but that’s only because i’m a sucker for nature. once in a while i do appreciate a nice building here and there but between that and a lush open field, i’d take the latter any time of the day!

cornwall park, aucklandcornwall park, aucklandcornwall park, auckland

know what i mean? the whole entire place is just so picturesque you’d wanna take photos of everything that comes within your field of vision. it’s an indescribable feeling, that moment of calmness just looking at the world around you. sure, it was cold as hell but it was quite so peaceful too. peaceful enough that you momentarily forget about the fact that beneath your five layers of clothing you’re still piloerecting.

cornwall park, aucklandcornwall park, auckland

these sheep provided a good diversion though. shaved sheep roaming the land, eating their fill of grass, crossing the street, many of them just chillin’…

cornwall park, aucklandcornwall park1cornwall park, auckland

yep, and cows too, as well. although they couldn’t exactly cross the road anytime they felt like it because they were fenced in. electrically. but for what it’s worth, they sure got the best view in this side of the hill!

cornwall park, auckland

and what would this blog be without pictures of flying creatures? these pigeons were adorable. they were all clustered together in one spot that it became tourists’ habit to chase them off and they’d all be flapping noisily away, the sound of their wings making a huge commotion before silence sets in again. and when it does, expect them to be back.

because they sure as hell will.


11 thoughts on “the creatures of cornwall park

  1. nice!!! NZ, eh? when i saw your comment on my post, memories of fun times over at that other site came back! it’s so nice to be back stalking your posts again 🙂 great pics, as usual!

    1. no, i’m not in nz. i was just there for a week to visit my aunt.

      it’s nice to keep up with what’s happening to you too, nes. keep ’em baby pics coming! =)

      1. Ummm..i’m a bit wary when it comes to posting Sean’s pics online. To be honest, I’m itching to post each and everyone of his pics and I might just do that. I’m considering using a password for those posts, though. Watcha tink? hehe..

        1. or you can just set it to private so only those you authorize to have access to your blog can read them. that’s what girly does with hers.

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