christmas at IT park

i wanted to go while the outdoor christmas decorations were still there. before the beautiful lights cease to sparkle and the lovely tree demolished. stored away until next year’s christmas.

this little canopied space was transformed into what seemed like a winter wonderland. minus the snow and the hypothermic temperature, of course. but the blue and silver effect was dazzling! whoever decorated this is one creative genius. from afar, it looked so complicated but up close, it really is very simple. i’ll definitely do something like this in my own house someday so christmas wouldn’t seem like just another day of the year.

we don’t have a tree at home. which is why i’m like a kid whenever i see a really pretty christmas tree —

IT park

i tend to space out in awe looking at glittery round balls of golds and reds against the matte greens of the artificial leaves. the sparkles highlighted by the stationary white lights wrapped around the entire length of the tree.

i must have spent more than 5 minutes taking photo after photo of these balls it would be ridiculous to post all 20 photos here. mainly because they’re all the same, save for the teeny weeny differences in angles right where my hands shook a little.

i loved these christmas balls! they looked really happy that looking at them made me happy. =)

since it was a friday night, lots of people crowded around the area to have their photos taken. we waited for our turn. ram practically begged me to loosen up. “you’re too stiff,” he observed. that shocked me. i was like, “what are you talking about?!” lol.

but really, it was kind of hard to pose there like i was having the grandest time of my life. not when i was being paranoid and self-conscious about the people passing by or waiting for their turn. i guess i’ve always been very shy when it comes to posing in public. aside from the fact that i kind of loathe solo photos but put up with them just so i would have a remembrance of those awkward moments.

7 thoughts on “christmas at IT park

    1. hahaha! gani! pagtan-aw nako sa iyang mga poses kay i was like, “parehas raman ta oi!” but he was all like, “ka natural ana akong pose!” lol.

      in short, mura mi ug mga boang didto sa IT park atong gabhi-ona. after several failed takes, it wasn’t exactly fun anymore. stressful na sha. hahaha.

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