cebu blog camp. let’s see if i could score a ticket.

girly thinks i should go. i kind of really want to, though. you know, just to see what the fuss is all about. i mean, i read about cebu blog camp in a couple of blogs that i stalk but i never really took notice of it. i don’t even know if i qualify as a “blogger.” and i say that while making quotation marks in the air because the word “blogger” sounds so serious. bloggers are people who really go out of their way to perfect their art and learn about SEO and all that technical stuff to drive traffic to their pumped up websites oozing with information or sparkling with a seemingly endless supply of style.

while i merely post stuff to help me remember beautiful memories when i’m old and gray and rocking a chair wondering what my name is.

so, no, i don’t consider myself a “blogger.” i write because i write. but that doesn’t mean i don’t wanna go. ‘coz like i said, i kind of do. i’m a curious cat. i just pray it won’t kill me.

apparently, in order to join, there’s what they call “a pre-event posting” where i’m supposed to answer three questions.

(1) no, i haven’t joined cebu blog camp before, so (2) no, i don’t have any memorable experience about it. (3) like life, i have learned not to expect anything because expectations definitely seal the deal for the curious little cats who end up using all their 9 lives in 1 go. so if i ever get a ticket (considering that they only have 200 slots available and i’m a late worm in this whole thing), i have no expectations at all. like zero.

gawd, if this were a test, i’d have flunked it big time. oh, well.

i almost forgot. the list of sponsors and co-presentors all scrambled together into one collage:

cebu blog camp

p.s. to my dearest friend, girly, if i just gave you an eyesore, forgive me. i know you still love me, though. i kind of also love you too. kind of. lol. mwah!

9 thoughts on “cebu blog camp. let’s see if i could score a ticket.

    1. like i told you, they emailed me and told me i’m in their guest list. all i had to do, after making this pre-entry post was to give them a link to my blog and to this specific blog post. =)

        1. if you haven’t noticed, my blog is OUR blog. although it’s more from my point of view, it’s the schizos’ stories scattered in here nonetheless so i feel like it’s our conjugal property or something.

          i have a lot of posts with your name in it! for as long as we’re friends, expect that trend to continue. =)

      1. Absent ko kay dili ko ka kuyog! Hehehe. Tell tell unya jan what happens ha and I heard naa govt subsidy for travel bloggers so people like you can easily earn income by doing what you love. 🙂

        1. really? how did you know?

          sige chikahan nya tika unsay naa didto. i’m guessing it’s kind of like a seminar or something.

          1. Travel blogs were supposed to be a tool to help boost the tourism industry and subsidizing it will help push interest sa national and international travellers (close to free advertising). Mao mani gi plan a few months ago sa tourism secretary, not sure if this picked up traction though.

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