canigao island


if you’ve been to several places in the philippines, you may have noticed the differences in each town’s public transport. it’s actually very interesting if you’re keen enough to notice the way the public vehicles are designed in every town or province. leyte’s public motorcycles are different from the ones we have here in cebu. theirs have this little tarpaulin canopy supported with wood on both ends to shield the passengers from the heat. definitely a plus, especially on those days when the sun gets a little too crazy!

canigao island

anyhow, on our last day in leyte, after the zipline and all, we headed to the famous canigao island in the southwestern part of leyte. the island is pretty close to the mainland. about 10 minutes by motorized boat. we could swim all the way there if we wanted to, but why the hell would we do that?!

canigao island

wait, was it 10 minutes? i’m not so sure anymore ‘coz it wasn’t like i was keeping track of the time. not when i was too busy smiling for photos.

canigao island

i guess it’s safe to say that canigao island is the kind of island every filipino would like, because every filipino has a soft spot for beaches with powdery white sand. (foreigners love all kinds of beaches, period. but because we have been blessed a little too abundantly with beaches galore, you gotta admit we are a little more picky of the beaches that we like. one criterion will always be the color of the shore and how powdery the sand is beneath our feet and thighs. black shores? they’re everywhere. nothing special about them anymore.)

canigao island

so, yeah, canigao island is a darling little place but if you really wanna know, i kind of like cebu’s beaches better. and it didn’t help that it rained on that sunday afternoon at the beach. the waves just kept coming and coming and the rain just kept pouring and pouring. and i sat there by the shore while the waves pushed and pulled me against her playful wrath, scraping my ass against the unfriendly little pebbles while raindrops pelted my skin and bones that were already shivering from the cruel cold.

canigao island

other than that, i had a marvelous time! okay, who am i kidding? the rain kind of ruined it for me. and i’m not saying that in a whiny way. i’m saying that in an adult way as possible. like, you know, when you’re calmly talking to another adult and you’re like, “oh yeah, it’s a cool place but it rained and all so i didn’t really get to enjoy it that much. BUMMERRR!!!” something like that.

7 thoughts on “canigao island

  1. you in the last picture: fierce. hahaha… is that your whiny face??
    the tricycle: lavet. murag formidable kaayo tan-awon.
    you 3 in the boat: reminds me of the stormy boat trip we were all in. scary.

    1. 1. no, that’s my “whatever!” face. lol.
      2. i know, right?! it’s a genius idea! that was the first time i saw a canopied motorcycle too.
      3. we experienced the same thing again on the boat ride back from the island! i thought pandanon experience was the last. apparently, naa juy isa nato na gukdonon ug bagyo! we still have to figure out who that is! lol.

    1. hahaha! you have all the time in the world to go check out the place the next time you fly home! what’s sweeter is you can bring your little boy with you. =)

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