things aeva says

aevaany other doting aunt would understand. i can’t resist this little charming bundle of joy that is my niece. she could probably sense that certain weakness in me. and she charms her way right through it.

may-ann doesn’t want me, or everyone else, indulging her every whim. but we do. like sneaky little family traitors, we feed her chocolates and sweets right before her meal time, among other things may-ann probably suspects but could not hold against us for lack of evidence. lol.

but if there’s one thing she’s pretty firm about, it’s to not carry aeva whenever we’re out at the mall or wherever and after several steps, aeva suddenly decides she’d rather be carried. i know the drill. one minute i’m holding her hand and we’re walking together. next minute she puts herself squarely before my tracks with outstretched arms and sad little eyes saying “uppie!”

99% of the time i give in. the other 1% my heart is breaking when she’s forced to walk because may-ann doesn’t want me carrying her most of the time to prevent back problems on my part. that, and to encourage aeva to walk on her own.

one time, in camotes, on our way to have dinner by the beach, i held her hand as we walked together. after a couple of steps, she was already begging for an “uppie.” the indulgent aunt that i am, i scooped her up before lightly reminding her, “rule number 1: no uppie!”

of which she immediately retorted, “rule number 6: yes uppie!”

with that kind of charm and wits, i could never win. lol.


later that same night, on our way back to the car, el2 realized that she accidentally left her camera at the restaurant. after retrieving it, i shared with my family the anecdote i mentioned above.

el2 then asked her, “aeva, if rule number 1 is no uppie and rule number 6 is yes uppie, what is the golden rule?”

with tiny fingers pointed to the direction of the restaurant, she loudly proclaimed, “the golden rule is… never leave your stuff in there!”

lesson learned for the other aunt. lol.

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