the colors of camotes

camotes islandif i really think about it, i’m more of a sunset person. i love the different shades of orange and red and yellow that nature paints upon the endless sky that is her canvass. a burst of beautiful colors like fireworks in the velvet sky before twilight sets in and black erases all the glory of what had been a spectacular sight.

camotes island

but i have to admit that crisp mornings down at the beach have its own charm too. while sunset is a visual feast, sunrise is more like a sensory orchestra — the calm, clear water against the beautiful blue clouds; the chirping of eurasian tree sparrows drowned out by the lazy sound of the rolling waves; the indiscernible fresh smell of the sea and the air around it; the feel of the cool morning breeze; the subtle taste of salt and happiness on your tongue.

camotes island

for all the world has to offer on mornings such as this, i can only imagine the impression it left upon my 3-year old niece. sure, she may not be able to appreciate the natural beauty of this corner of the world in its entirety but she was very gentle with the hermit crabs she picked up once in a while. her curious eyes took in the tiny crabs, the blue starfish, and the little fishes in the shallow parts of the water where they just woke up.

camotes island

timubo cave and lake danao was exactly as it was when ram and i went there the last time. i love timubo cave, with its crystal clear waters and its allure. lake danao, not so much. yeah, it’s a huge lake but that’s all there is to it.

aeva entertained us with a song while waiting for our lunch to arrive. “the ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah…” it’s cute when she sings it but for some reason, i can’t help but feel that that song is an allusion to the holocaust which i find creepy. but maybe that’s just me, though. same way i find “ring around the rosie” creepy. (it refers to the bubonic plague, do you know that?)

camotes island

what’s more creepy than creepy nursery rhymes? adults playing in the sand using their kid’s sand toys. hahaha. kidding. i love these shots of may-ann and dennis having fun in the sand. it’s nice to see a 30-something couple engage in a relaxing activity that their own 3-year old daughter can relate. lol.

speaking of sand, apparently, the resort buys sand by the sack from a couple of guys who dive for underwater sand for a living. the sand around the resort is constantly being replenished with the powder white sand taken from the deep parts of the sea. (i know because i asked one of the sand guys when i noticed their motor boat dock at the beach and they were hauling sacks of sand back and forth.)

camotes island

i already told you about my love for sunsets. but you know what? between my niece and a million sunsets, i love aeva more! =)

camotes island

…as well as the little one on the way. =D

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